Do you have a unconventional night club, bar or restaurant? Well, the same old design rules of every night club posters doesn't apply to you. You will need something special, something that define a new category of unconventional poster design, you will need these flyer templates from below to get you started.

The flyer design had evolved from year to year, and 2014 will be a lucky year regarding the variety and high quality designs out there. A new trend is emerging, the so called "New Age Flyer Design". It's a combination of retro colors, big picture background, and beautiful minimalist typography. From the classic night club flyers and posters, to the new simple and clean design, here's an example:


icanbeCREATIVE is committed in bringing new and exciting design stuff to the notice of amateur as well as professional web designers. We want to promote only the most well-designed flyers and posters from various authors, as the main point of this article is to bring you a quick way to get inspired and create your own concept. Free flyers psd templates are very good, but if you want to catch your customer's eye you really need to step up your design.

Breaking the Rules for Benefit

I think it’s important to state that I have never found a case where creating a flyers or a poster against all principles of good flyer design has turned out to be great, but we should always experiment with new techniques. The purpose of this article, and the examples contained within it, is to demonstrate how flipping the switch of on standard design principles can result in a benefit to your clients. The great thing about design rules though is that they can and should be broken, granted that you know what you’re doing.

Futuristic Flyer / Poster Vol 1

Amazing flyer made to any purpose such a concert, festival, rave, party, club event or any event you can think of, and it’s absolutely great for your event.


Retro Futuristic Flyer/Poster

Looking for a retro flyer template? From the colour palette to font choice, the graphic designer captures the retro style perfectly. The design is a steal at $6 for a regular license and is fully customizable.


Alternative Space Flyer and Cover

If you're after a retro design for your event, then this colorful flyer template may be just the ticket. The artist was inspired by psychedelic music when creating the piece. Featuring bright, vibrant colors, this template is perfect for any special occasion.


Dark Moon Flyer

If you love the classic style of strong typography mixed with minimalist design, you’re going to love this flyer. Change colors, positions and typefaces for better results.


Electro Sessions 2 Flyer Template

Check out these modern and unique flyer templates for your next project.


Electro Flyer/Poster Vol. 4

This city flyer template is sure to grab people's attention. It sports bright colors and bold type, both of which you can edit to fully customize your design.


Colorphonic Poster Flyer


Electronic Beats - A3 Music Party Flyer

Bold typography and the background image makes this flyer jump out at you!


Sun Party Flyer

Who says text-only can't be beautiful? This poster template combines texture, light and typography to deliver a high quality product.


Futurized Fears Flyer and Cover

A very sexy, modern and retro flyer, poster, invitation, nightclub party. This psd template is really easy and fun to make color combinations. We love it!


Moon Colours Flyer

As sexy as it is sensational, this flyer template really grabs you. Ultra easy to modify, change colors, dimensions and place your own photos.


Futuristic Flyer Templates

Here's another of our flyer templates that's perfect for any gig, album or concert promotion. Simple to customise, the effects and textures will be applied to any photo that you chose to include in the design.


Chill Out Flyer/Poster V. 01

A gorgeous design and certainly worthy of inclusion on our list of the best flyer templates. Originally designed to promote a music event, this symbolical flyer template can also be used for a new album promotion or other advertising purposes. This poster is print ready, simple to customize with well organised layers.


Electro Night Flyer Template

This colorful party flyer really pops off the page.


Indie Flyer / Poster

One for the vintage lovers of design, these three retro-style and unique flyers templates are perfect for your next party or concert.


Electro House Flyer Template


Summer Flyer Poster

Looking for a retro flyer template for summer? Look no further than this design, originally designed to promote an '80s revival party. From the colour palette to font choice, the graphic designer captures the style of the '80s perfectly. The design is a steal at $6 for a regular license and is fully customizable.


Grunge Newspaper Flyer/Poster Vol. 2

This cool newspaper flyer template was designed to promote music events but would work well for any special occasion.


Futuristic Flyer


Electro Event Flyer/Poster Templates

Planning a special event? Why not advertise it with this brilliant electro flyer template with a special artwork. Be the hottest news in town by fully customizing the design with your own images and text.


On The Road Flyer/Poster Vol. 2

Why not put your work all over this simple, elegant photography flyer template?


Futuristic Flyer Poster Templates

If you're looking to announce your newest product, you can't go wrong with this clean, elegant flyer template. Super simple to change text and images of your own.


Futuristic Flyer/Poster Vol. 3

This Illuminati-like flyer will sure grab your attention!


Each premium flyer templates is pre-designed to make printing quick and easy. Our constantly updated selection of custom designed and fully customizable options afford you easy access and complete control over developing a unique and high quality flyer, pamphlet or brochure tailored specifically to the needs of your business. These ready-made PSD files can be very useful and save you lots of money and time with your design project without reinventing the wheel. I am confident that you will find one of these flyer templates to fit your every design needs.


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