Sure, it’s a digital world out there, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t a place for traditional stand-bys like direct mail. In fact, believe it or not, direct mail has a much better response rate than digital marketing techniques. Postcards can be a big part of any direct mail strategy. They are much easier to digest than a letter or flyer, and provide a fun and versatile way to connect with customers. If handled right, you can not just retain customers, but turn them into loyal repeat customers with the right strategy.

Loyal Vs Repeat Customer

Many marketers and business owners use the terms “loyal customer” and “repeat customer” interchangeably. However, they are completely different things. Your loyalty programs should be able to not just get a sale and perhaps another one in the near future, but also foster a closer connection with your customer. The biggest difference between a repeat and loyal customer is that retention is a transactional relationship, while loyalty is something deeper.

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It can be a subtle distinction, but it’s a very important one. Retaining customers is valuable. It means that you get continued business from a client for whatever reasons they may have. It might be proximity, or it might be price, for example. Customer loyalty comes when the customer prefers to make their purchases from you no matter what the circumstances, and also will engage with you in a more personal way.

The reason why loyalty is so important is that along with this deep connection, you can count on them recommending you to their friends and family. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool. So, not only will they provide you with consistent business, but they will advocate for you and bring you even more revenue. Gaining customer loyalty is difficult, but it is absolutely worth it. When businesses look over their analytics, they always find that loyalty programs are critical to their success.

Ways That You Can Use Postcards to Increase Customer Loyalty

Postcards are a perfect way to help build customer loyalty. Not only do they get exceptional response rates, but they also create a stronger emotional reaction than digital mail does. The reason for this is that it is something they can hold in their hands, and it exists in their real space. This is as opposed to email, which can be easily ignored or discarded, and doesn’t exist in the analog world.

One of the best things about postcards is how easy they can be to create and mail. You can use a service such as MyCreativeShop to design impactful and engaging postcards that will help you start building those important connections with your customers. You can browse the service to see postcard templates that can serve any need. You don't have to be an expert graphic designer. The experts have already provided you with the best template options. Here are some examples of some types of personalized postcards that you might be able to use.

Invitations and Reminders

You can keep your business at the top of your customers’ minds by sending out a personalized postcard that serves as a reminder. It may be for special sales, seasonal promotions, upcoming service calls, or special events. Most people, even if they just toss it out anyway, go through their mail before placing it in the bin. This means there’s a very good chance that they will see your reminder or invitation, even if it’s on its way to the recycling container. Reminders and invitations will show that you are grateful for their business and they will feel truly appreciated.

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Encourage Brand Advocacy

It’s never a bad thing to get your brand in front of eyeballs as often as possible. You can also encourage your customers to advocate for your brand. You can send postcards with special friends and family offers, or incentives for getting someone else to purchase your product or service. Make it as simple as possible for them by including a call to action, and to provide information on leaving online reviews or following your social media accounts.

Special Discounts and Cross-Selling

This one of the best ways to transform your repeat customers into loyal ones. The more they purchase, the more likely they are to become loyal customers. Direct mail and postcards can help you do this by offering cross-selling opportunities. The more they purchase, the more information you will have about their interests and buying habits. That way, you can target certain postcards that highlight products and services that they are most likely to purchase. This will get them buying a wider variety of products, and they will start to treat you as a one-stop shop for their needs.

It’s impossible to transform every customer you get into a loyal one. However, with a little effort and investment into direct mail and personalized postcards, you can get a high number of customers to become not just your biggest clients, but also your biggest advocates.


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