Christmas is fast approaching, and you're wondering how best to share the love with your family and friends. How about sending them a Christmas photocard letting them know how much you love and appreciate them? Below is a simple guide on how you can create a Mixbook Christmas photocard.

Select Your Pictures

You did a fantastic family photo and had several beautiful shots. How many images do you want on the photo card? The advantage of using Mixbook is allowing you to choose the number of pictures within your preference. Should you desire one or even four images, it is up to you.

christmas cards printing

Holiday Card by Alex Pasquarella

Choose Your Format

Mixbook allows you to select different forwards in customizing your photo card. For instance, you can opt for the flat or magnet option. On the other hand, you can also change should you prefer the side folded or top folded format.

Identify the Foil Option

Whether you prefer having foil or not in your photo card, all options are possible with Mixbook. For instance, you can choose to have the gold, rose gold or even silver foil for your holiday photo card.

What of Trimming?

The outcome of your holiday photo card significantly relies on the trimming you use. For a beautiful photo card, consider the angle of your photo before settling on the trimming option to use.

With Mixbook, you can select the square, round, and even double round trimming. Additionally, you can also opt to have ticket trim, crest, and vintage crest trimming. The critical factor to consider is to have all members of your family included in the photo. Therefore, select the trimming option with everyone covered, without seemingly almost being cut out of the picture.

Pick Your Size

There are several sizes to choose from when making your Christmas photo card. You select the available formats depending on how big or small you prefer your photo card. You can choose 5×7 or even 4×8 dimensions. Additionally, you can also pick 5×5 and 3.5×5 photo card sizes.

Give Your Photo Cards Life with Colors

You have a variety of colors to choose from Mixbook. For instance, you can choose purple, pink, green, blue, and even black. Additionally, should you prefer white, grey, brown, or even beige, you can blend them for your photo card. Red is also an option if you want to match with Santa.

What's in a Color?

The color has to be attractive to anyone that sets their eyes on the Christmas photo card. Additionally, they have to blend seamlessly without trying too hard. Choosing the right color for your photo card is more than art; it is also science. The colors can influence the emotions of the receiver of the photo card. Choose warm colors like orange and yellow, which ooze positive energy and the beginning of a new phase, like the sunrise. Cool colors like blue and green also give a relaxing effect. Black, as a neutral color, would look good on the fonts.

Identifying what works best for you and your loved ones is essential in creating the holiday photo card. Give the photo cards your personal touch and share the love.


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