If you don’t quite have all of your requirements nailed down, picking a WordPress theme to help you build your website can seem to be a bit risky. If you do have everything nailed down, you may still find it difficult to find exactly what you think you need.

Neither scenario should present much of a problem, or any problem at all, if you go with a multipurpose theme. A premium multipurpose theme, like any of the 7 described in this article, will have the website building tools, the flexibility, and the ease of use to get the job done.

As you go down the list, you will undoubtedly find some Multipurpose WordPress Themes more appealing to you than others. But you really can’t make a wrong or a poor choice.

1. Betheme – Website Builder for WordPress with 600+ pre-built websites

multipurpose wordpress themes

With its multiplicity of powerful website-building features, including a fantastic library of 600+ customizable pre-built websites, BeTheme’s authors could be satisfied with their theme’s enormous popularity and rest on their laurels.

That did not happen. Taking user suggestions, they created an even better multipurpose theme by building a better builder.

  • Live Builder is 60% faster, easier to work with thanks to its intuitive UI, it brings to the table new page building features, and it performs familiar ones better than ever.
  • Live Builder allows the user to customize an element while viewing it
  • The Revisions feature with its Autosave, Update, and Revision and Backup options can be applied to create, save, and restore design elements and content and thereby eliminate the fear of losing change history
  • Items is a catalog of frequently used design elements and actions (e.g., hover)
  • The Pre-built Sections library dramatically reduces workflow with its sections or blocks that can be selected and added to a page

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2. Total WordPress Theme

multipurpose wordpress themes

The introduction called attention to the wealth of website building tools, flexibility, and ease of use that characterize the top multipurpose themes. Total scores 100% in all three areas due in large part to its frontend drag and drop page builder and wide range of built-in styling options.

Total’s key features include –

  • An extended version of the popular WPBakery page builder
  • Impressive selections of single click importable demos, page-building modules, and styling settings to enable you to create exactly what you envisioned
  • Features that enable you to tailor dynamic templates for your posts
  • Premium plugins plus total WooCommerce compatibility
  • Developer-friendly hooks, filters, and snippets that can be applied to future theme customization activities

Total is definitely a smart choice if you need to get a high-performance website up and running in a short period of time. Total’s 47,000+ customers would agree.

3. Avada Theme

multipurpose wordpress themes

A highly popular multipurpose theme is by definition worth a close look. When it’s the all-time best-selling WordPress theme, as Avada is with its 450,000+ sales to date, it’s not only worth careful consideration but it has all the qualities of being a keeper.

  • This multipurpose theme’s drag and drop page builder, Fusion Page, and Fusion Theme options makes website building as quick and easy as it gets
  • Avada’s single-click import demos, pre-built websites and classy design elements do their part to speed up workflows an embed a high level of quality in the final product
  • Avada’s Dashboard and Dynamic Content System team up to organize your work, provide all the flexibility you need, and give you full control over your design

Click on the banner to learn more about this best-selling responsive, and WooCommerce-compatible multipurpose theme.

4. Uncode – Creative Multiuse & WooCommerce WordPress Theme

multipurpose wordpress themes

85.000+ customers have discovered how easy Uncode can make it creating smooth, sleek, and high-performance websites.

  • This pixel-perfect multipurpose theme’s Wireframe plugin comes with 450+ section templates ready for you to import and customize
  • The WooCommerce custom builder is one of Uncode’s strengths, as are its powerful frontend editor and the impressive and inspirational selection of design concepts

Learn what Uncode can do for you by viewing its showcase of user-built websites.

5. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

multipurpose wordpress themes

With its more than 50,000 users TheGem is the best-selling theme on ThemeForest. This high-performance, highly customizable multipurpose theme is an ideal choice for beginning and professional web designers alike.

TheGem gives you –

  • 400+ beautiful and easily editable pre-built websites and templates
  • TheGem Blocks, with its more than 300 pre-designed section templates
  • An impressive collection of WooCommerce templates

TheGem is great for building business, shop, blog, portfolio, and magazine websites, and offers 5-star support.

6. Impeka – Creative Multipurpose WordPress Theme

multipurpose wordpress themes

Impeka is an intuitive, easy-to-work-with multipurpose theme that offers its users more than enough flexibility to build the websites of their dreams and do so quickly and efficiently.

  • Choose any of three page builders: Enhanced WPBakery, Elementor, and Gutenberg
  • Select from among Impeka’s 50 handcrafted design elements 10 custom blocks, and you are practically done

Impeka is perfect for building every website type from blogging to corporate sites.

7. Blocksy – Gutenberg WordPress Theme

multipurpose wordpress themes

Built with the Gutenberg editor in mind, Blocksy is a fiercely-fast and lightweight WordPress theme that has WooCommerce built into it for good measure.

  • Blocksy is responsive, SEO-friendly, and translation ready
  • Blocksy is compatible with Beaver Builder, Elementor, Brizy, and all the popular WordPress page builders
  • Blocksy can be used to create any type of website and will always give you excellent results.


Picking a WordPress theme to help you build your website can seem to be a bit risky if (1) you don’t have your design requirements completely nailed down. Or (2) you aren’t completely sure of what to look for in a theme even if your requirements are in order.

Multipurpose WordPress Themes can have limitations, and those limitations are rarely advertised.

Neither situation is likely to present a problem if you go with a multipurpose theme. Multipurpose WordPress themes are noted for their design flexibility. For their powerful website building tools and options, and for their ease of use.

In most cases, all you need to worry about is your own content. If you have it at your fingertips, you can let the multipurpose theme do the rest.


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