Website creators and designers are some of the most creative individuals on the planet, as they can turn a blank slate into a nice and informative website. While you want to have a responsive web design, you cannot forget about the creativity of your design.

However, many websites simply fall flat and don’t offer the creativity that many internet users and website visitors are looking for and expect. Many simply cut corners to get the website out there, and sacrifice creativity for functionality, but there is no reason why you can’t have both.

improve the creativity of your websites design

NASA Web Design by Amiko

Having a creative website will not only help keep current visitors/readers interested, but can also be great at attracting new ones. If you are worried that your site isn’t as creative as it could be, don’t worry, as you are in the right place. This blog post will look at a few different tips you can use to improve the creativity of your website design.

Experiment With Color

One of the best and simplest ways to up the creativity on your website is to experiment with different color schemes. The color of a website can completely change the feel or “vibe” of a website. For example, red is a very confident color, while blue is a trustworthy color and yellow is a great color that makes people think of fun. Each color can help convey a different message about your site, and you should use this to your advantage.

With literally dozens of different color schemes that you can use, there is no harm in getting creative and thinking out of the box. While you still want it to look good and fit with the theme of the website, you don’t have to necessarily follow along with the trends and what everyone else is doing. Experiment and test the colors with your audience and see what works, and what doesn’t.

Learn or Get Better With Photoshop

If you want to be a better and more creative web designer, learning or improving your Photoshop skills is a must. With a large majority of creatives using Photoshop, it goes hand in hand with having a creative website. Being well-versed in Photoshop allows you to create basically anything you want, so the creative potential is sky-high.

creativity websites design

Captico landing page by Divan Raj

The internet is full of different tutorials and guides when it comes to Photoshop, and they can help you master various different types of features within the tool. The possibilities that you will be equipped with when you have Photoshop skills under your belt are endless.

Get Off of the Internet

If you have a website or are a web designer, there is a good chance that you spend most of your time during the day on the computer. While this is great for getting work done and being efficient, it isn’t always the best when it comes to getting inspired. If you get out and take a walk or a bike ride, it can get your head out of your routine, which should allow you to think more clearly.

The world is also a beautiful place and the beauty can lend itself to helping you be more creative and find more inspiration. In addition to that, things like interior design, clothing and more can also help potentially give you some more creative ideas.

Armed with the tips in this article, you are well on your way to being able to ensure your website’s design is as creative as possible. With so many websites out there, it is more important than ever to stick out from the crowd.


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