Web designers, creative agencies, and other individuals and businesses often depend on image to attract clients and customers.

A professional-looking online portfolio is one of the most powerful means of accomplishing this, but building such a portfolio is not always an easy task – unless of course, you have the right tools to do the job, and you are presenting an image you will want the world to see and take note of.

To be effective, a portfolio needs to be much more than a collection of samples of work performed, or brief descriptions of services rendered.

It should of course reflect on its owner’s best efforts, but it also needs to give the viewer an idea of the skills behind those efforts, it has to build trust, and it has to show that the portfolio holder is running a legitimate business.

Why a Well-Structured Portfolio can be a Significant Asset

tips on creating highly efficient portfolio

Image Source: Be Theme B&W Pre-made portfolio

It should be obvious that having an attractive portfolio is a must for graphic designers and design agencies alike. Eye-catching images and designs say a lot. They reflect a designer’s or agency’s skills much more so that descriptive text ever can.

It would seem strange then that many website designers do not even have a portfolio, or if they do, it is one that gives the impression of being somewhat hastily thrown together.

The use of portfolios is relatively new in the IT and web design world, but only because those working in these sectors were slow to recognize how powerful a portfolio is.

Let’s take a closer look at what you need to pay attention to when putting an impressive portfolio in place; and then look into tools you will need to make it happen:

  • Make your portfolio a rock-solid portfolio. This simply means creating a portfolio that gives a good sampling of your work, and a clear representation of your skills and/or business practices. A rock-solid portfolio gives the viewer a positive impression of what to expect from you.
  • Once you have put a portfolio together, filter it. You may love your own work, but step back, take a dispassionate look at your selections, and eliminate any item that could be looked upon as mediocre.
  • Order is important. Categorize your portfolio’s content. Separating designs into categories is easier on the eyes, and less apt to create confusion. Help viewers find what you believe they are looking for.
  • Include testimonials, placing them where they will be the most effective. The proper use of testimonials is a great way to build trust.
  • Make your layout simple. Simplicity and elegance are online virtues. Contrast, when properly applied, is a friend.

Be Digital

creating highly efficient portfolio

Be Web Design

 creating portfolio

These examples of Be Theme’s pre-built websites illustrate creative ways in which space can be allocated to achieve a look of elegance.

Ensure there is adequate space for a business to proudly display its unique value proposition (UVP), whether it is a name, a logo, or a promotion. The proper use of space draws visitors in.

What Clients Look For

One business will be different than the next, but most share certain characteristics that should be addressed in their respective portfolios:

  • A portfolio needs to show the journey, or tell a story. Clients are interested in knowing what you did, and how you did it.
  • Elements of your portfolio that you expect to be of the greatest interest to clients need to be highlighted.
  • Focus on details, and then focus on them some more. Be Theme is an excellent website-building tool in this regard. It helps you focus on the technical details that matter, as well as on the details of perspective.

Be Parallax

creating highly efficient portfolio

Parallax is a powerful tool to have in your portfolio builder. You can use parallax as an attention getter, at which it excels, or to tell a story (think of an infographic in motion).

Be Portfolio

creating efficient portfolio

This pre-designed website illustrates why create a professional-looking, solid portfolio should never be a problem – if you have the right tool for the job.

Now that you’ve viewed these four examples of what pre-built websites can do for you, the obvious question is this: where can you find them, and how do you put them to use?

The Answer: Be Theme’s Popular Pre-Built Websites

tips on creating highly efficient portfolio

What you have been shown here represents but a fraction of the pre-built websites you can access to build stunning portfolios, websites, or blogs. Be Theme, the biggest WordPress theme ever, features a library consisting of over 170 of these pre-built websites, a number that is constantly growing. More than a few of them are ideal for creating portfolios. Visit Be Theme’s website, browse through their stunning collection, and you will see why.

Check out how easy and fast it is to install and edit a Be Theme pre-built website

While you’re there, take time to look into Be Theme’s core features; you’ll quickly begin to understand how powerful this website and portfolio building tool is. You will also come to realize why more than 27,000 copies have been sold to date.


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