What is CBEST?

The California Basic Educational Skills Test, shortly known as CBEST, is an exam that is conducted to select a teacher in California and knowing whether the candidate comes with the basic required skills or not. Also known as the teacher certification process, the test mainly covers 3 important sections of education that is reading, math,and writing. In total, math and reading come with multiple-choice questions, which number is around 50, while the writing part comes with 2 topics for essays. The candidates are allowed to select 1, 2, or all 3 sections however it is important that all the sections are attempted for completing the exam.

For what are the CBEST scores required?

Yes, the CBEST scores are important for getting into some professional coaching programs or sessions that include:

  • M.A. in Education Programs
  • B.A. in Human Development
  • B.A. in Early Childhood Education
  • Non-Degree Credential Programs

The exam comes in two different sections, which includes both computer-based and written tests. CBEST is conducted in a single language, English, and the candidates also need to answer in the same language without the use of calculators in the exams they are prohibited. For clearing the test, the students need to score 123 that is applicable to all the three sections.

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The California enactment that established the CBEST test coordinated the State Superintendent of Public Instruction, in combination with the Commission on Teacher Credentialing along with an Advisory Board comprising of a lion's share of instructors from California classrooms to build up CBEST. The improvement of the CBEST test included meaning of the essential abilities to be tried; test-thing composing and survey for importance to the predefined aptitude territories; field testing; a legitimacy considers concentrating on the exactness, reasonableness, lucidity, and employment pertinence of each test thing; predisposition audits; standard-setting studies; and assurance of the passing scores. Since the underlying advancement of CBEST, new exam things have been produced by contractual workers and the sum total of what things have been looked into by advisory groups of California instructors to check that they meet test details received by the CTC and are free of predisposition. The Evaluation Systems gathering of Pearson was shrunk by the CTC to aid the improvement, organization, and scoring of CBEST.

What does CBEST test?

The CBEST exam has been designed by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing for those teachers who are choosing to meet particular requirements for getting the certification by conducting the test. The exam program comes with designs that help the seekers meet the incoming requirements of the certificate:

  • Basic required skills

The seekers can satisfy all the elements that come with the basic skills that are required for clearing all the three subjects or sections of CSET. The CBEST test includes multiple subjects along with CSET which a writing skill test is.

  • Requirements for the subject’s competence

All applicants have to meet top requirements for a Various Subject Teaching Credential to acquire the passing score on CSET: Multiple Subjects. Those applicants who lay up claim for the Single Subject Teaching Credential or the Education Specialist Instruction Credential can pass the proper exam(s) of the CSET as one strategy for fulfilling the topic skill prerequisite.

  • NCLB subject matter necessity

NCLB stands for “No child left behind” concept, which the students need to fulfill regarding a particular subject, and the requirement it comes up with. The students also need to use the Multiple Subject Teaching Credential which is the main motto of CBEST. The candidates are required to teach at least a single subject.

  • The requirement of competence for authorization of Bilingual

There are a number of other languages the CBEST exam works on or looks after for working on the skills and the knowledge that is required for earning the Authorization certificate of Bilingual. The course also provides a hint of working on the world languages which works as a supplement for Crosscultural, Bilingual, Academic Development, Language Development, and other exams.

Tips for cracking the CBEST exam

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No doubt, the test is easy to score, yet there are some quick tips that help in cracking this exam with ease and with higher scorings. Here they are:

  • Take advantage of multiple choice questions

The exam comes with multiple-choice questions in two sections that include mathematics and reading. This means, the right answer would be given to you and all you need to do is find it out. You can also work on your approximation skills while you answer some of the questions with math that bring you closer to the correct answer where you would be able in identifying it among the available choices. Through reading questions, the candidates would get a good idea for eliminating the wrong answer.

  • Translation

This is the best way to deal with different concepts math comes with. Translating the questions in English to the mathematical languages would help you get to the correct skill. This means, taking the question asked into a format of mathematics would help you get the correct answer.

  • Use of scratch paper

The CBEST exam eliminates the use of calculators in the paper of Mathematics, which means that the calculations need to be carried on by hand. This increases the chances of making minor silly mistakes getting you fewer marks. A solution to this is the scratch paper, which should be used for avoiding any mistakes while working on the problems.

  • Go for the fine print

The mathematics test paper generally carries fine prints while you work on charts, diagrams, graphs, tables, etc. Hence, when you observe the problem in visualizing the paper, it is better to opt for a fine print to reach to the correct answer, rather than beating on the bush.

Apart from all these, there are a number of concepts you need to focus on while preparing to clear the CBEST test. With minor practice on the last year test papers and proper focus during the exam, one can easily clear CBEST for getting a bright future in coaching.


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