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As one of the most valuable vendor-neutral certifications available for candidates, who wish to launch a career in IT, CompTIA A+ is considered to be an ideal starting point. A large number of professionals have attained A+ credential, with many viewing it as a way to attract exciting entry-level job opportunities.

While several factors may determine your chances of success in the IT sphere, having a valid certification can never hurt your career aspirations. If you want to be competitive on the IT market, get a pay hike or simply change the sphere you are working in, earning A+ is what you really need. So, read on to find everything to know about this badge from CompTIA, test to pass and why it still worth obtaining in 2019, even with the ever-changing nature of the IT industry.

CompTIA A+ Certification Overview

The CompTIA A+ certification is designed for individuals looking to launch a career in IT sphere. However, the new CompTIA A+ curriculum has much more to it than just regular PC repair. A+ certified individuals support core technologies in the modern-day IT capitalization, ranging from data management to cloud and security among the rest. This credential is not only aimed at updating your skills but also helping you remain competitive in the fast-changing IT world. CompTIA A plus dumps will have to deal with operating systems, hardware and software troubleshooting, security and networking, among many. This explains the fact that they can opt for a wide range of job positions, from service desk analyst and data support technician to associate network engineer and desk support administrator.

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How to Become CompTIA A+ Certified?

To attain your CompTIA A+ certification, you need to pass two exams. According to the previous curriculum, you can pass 220-901 and 220-902 exam, or this year CompTIA issued new set of exams, known as core tests - 220-1001 and 220-1002. The reason for this step is to meet the IT market needs, the world of IT is ever changing area.

The Core A+ exams usually contain 90 questions that you have to complete within 90 minutes. To pass 220-1001 test you need to score 675 points out of 900 and to succeed in 220-1002 exam, you need to get 700 points. Each test will cost you $219. While there’re no strict requirements for taking A+ exams, this credential is designed for IT professionals possessing a minimum of 6 months of practical experience in the chosen field.

CompTIA A+ Exam Training Options

The CompTIA official website has plenty of resources and study options for A+ exams preparation. This enables you to choose a training material that will fit the schedule and help you pass the tests in the first try.

These options include virtual labs, eLearning, exam prep, study guides for the core exams, video training, and instructor-led training among the rest. When you prepare for the exam, you can train and check your skills using practice tests and CertMaster Practice. Being your learning guide it will assist you in putting your knowledge into practice.

Prepare with PrepAway

Along with the official training options, you can check the online platform. It provides a wide range of the most valid study materials that are geared towards your success in the CompTIA A+ exams. For example, you can get the Premium Bundle for 220-1001 and 220-1002 exams, which includes a study guide, a training course, and an updated premium file for each exam just for $40.82. Along with this bundle, you can download free exam dumps for A+ tests and see how prepared you are for exams.

Also, you can make individual purchases of each of the core tests if you want to test your skills in only one exam, or in both tests but separately. To open the gained files, you need to download the ETE Exam Simulator that contains a worthy material and will be useful during the preparation.

Benefits of the CompTIA A+ Credential

So, why should you become CompTIA A+ certified? Well, this credential opens doors to plenty of opportunities including the following.

1. Makes You Competitive on the IT Market

As one of the highly respected entry-level certifications, the CompTIA A+ is an essential mark on your CV list. It testifies that you are a skillful employee able to set the goals and reach them. It makes you a valuable person for any company, as you possess relevant skills to complete the tasks successfully and within a short span of time.

2. Improves Your Chances of Advancing Career

The CompTIA A+ certification is known to lay the foundation for building a career in the IT industry. It equips you with the knowledge required to get started in this field including the ability to configure operating systems such as Windows, Mac, Linux, Chrome OS, Android, and iOS. Besides, having this badge proves that you possess such skills as hardware, networking, mobile devices, operating systems, hardware&network troubleshooting,security among many.It means that you are the first candidate for promotion, as you’ll be an example for your uncertified colleagues.

Companies That Employ CompTIA A+ Certified Individuals

Let’s continue with the credential prospective employment opportunities. Many companies and organizations are always on the lookout for CompTIA A+ certified individuals. The credential speaks highly of your entry-level skills and qualifies you to serve in highly rated companies such as Dell, HP, Ricoh, Intel, and Nissan among the rest.

CompTIA A+ Certification Job Description

There are a lot of other job positions that require the CompTIA A+ certification knowledge, they include service desk analyst, data support technician, system support specialist, associate network engineer, field service technician, end user computing technician, desktop support administrator, help desk tech.

Still, let’s focus right now on the following two job-roles:

1. Help Desk Technician

A help desk technician is one of the most demanded entry-level professionals in the IT industry. This specialist possesses the knowledge and skills to provide technical assistance, successfully diagnose and solve computer issues, install and train users in specific technology areas, and restore data files among other roles.

2. IT Support Specialist

A competent IT support team prides itself on maintaining the computer functions to ensure the systems of an organization are up and running. And this certified specialist has a key role to play in this regard. This individual has a wide-ranging scope that goes beyond technical support.

This person can also install and configure computer software, hardware, networks and systems, monitor and maintain the computer networks and systems, and respond to all service issues in a timely manner.


Attaining the CompTIA A+ credential may not be as easy as you think as it’s an entry-level credential, but it is worth the effort. The IT industry is quite competitive and having a valid certification at any career level gives a good first impression and increases your chances of maintaining your credibility in the long run. Passing the A+ tests is your main aim to become CompTIA certified professionals and enjoy the benefits that this badge brings you. So devote your time to proper preparation, use the most valid and updated exam dumps, train the in real exam environment to get the highest mark at the exam and build a successful career in the world of IT. Still wondering if CompTIA A+ is appropriate for launching a career in this industry? You have all the information in your hands. So, go ahead and get it. It’s worth the effort.


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