The project shows portraits of famous superheroes lost in their own thoughts somewhere in nature. Most superheroes are pretty urban, i tend to think of Superman hanging around Metropolis, or Batman protecting Gotham. What do superheroes do when they're not busy fighting bad guys and saving the world from destruction? Photographer Benoit Lapray has been working for the past four or five years on a series showing superheroes in nature. Perhaps they're drawing strength alone in the peace and quiet of the great outdoors.

Lapray writes that, “Perhaps they are quite simply on a quest to find themselves?”


These amazing photographs shows the imagination of the photographer for popular superheroes such as Captain America, Batman, Ironman, Superman, Spiderman, Wolverine, Hulk, Cyclops, Flash, Thor and many other in different landscape scenery. The effect is dramatic, capturing a feeling of isolation and pensive sadness that accompanies the superheroes as they retreat into nature to fulfill a seemingly-existential quest alone. The artist creates these images by shooting natural landscapes and then taking pictures of the superheroes in his studio, combining them using Photoshop.


Withdrawn from civilization, the superheroes seem extraordinarily out-of-place on their own without civilians to save or with a urban setting in the background. Set against natural landscapes and picturesque panoramas, superheroes in ‘the quest for the absolute’ series contemplate their surroundings, all alone in these vast spaces surrounded by nothing else but nature.

















  • Jeremy Keith
    These are gorgeous!
  • Greg Whitworth
    Original way to gather attention on normal landscapes.
  • Mirko
    Flash is doing exercises for Olympic marathon.
  • Kevin Lorenz
    I think he should be careful photographing superheroes like this. They might be on a case or something and these images might reveal the details to their enemies.
  • Thomas
    Could you imagine coming across one of these photo shoots while walking the dog! Priceless
  • Pierre Venter
    Surely Batman on his day off is just Bruce Wayne, Superman is Clark Kent, Spider Man is Peter Parker etc. and if the photographer knew anything about superheroes he would know there is never a day off?
  • Raj
    Breathtaking! Thank you for these awesome photos.