WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems in the world- there’s no denying that. It offers tons of features like plugins, themes, community support, etc. However, many people don’t know exactly how to make the most of the platform. For instance, you need to know how you can make your WordPress website stand out. After all, there are millions of websites on the Internet and you can’t attract and retain website traffic unless you do something special for your site.

wordpress website attractive

The following are some of the simplest and most affordable ways to make your website theme unique:

Create a Logo

If you are like most WordPress website owners, then you might be using your website’s name in an attractive font for the logo. Technically, this is a part of your brand, but really, that’s not creative enough. What you actually need is a well-thought-out and unique logo that can help your website to stand out. Using a premium logo also helps in conveying that your website is all about.

Contrary to popular belief, creating professional logos doesn’t cost a fortune. There are platforms out there where you can find some talented graphics designers who are willing to create a logo for as little as $10. However, a much better option that is very popular these days, to make a logo for free is to use an online tool like logo maker, preferably one that is based on artificial intelligence. This is because these are some of the most advanced programs that are designed to mimic human graphic designers. So, they can understand your logo requirements perfectly and create designs using the right combinations of icons, fonts, and colors, in minutes!

Design a Custom Homepage

WordPress is known for its wide range of plugins and themes, and you can use a page builder plugin to create an attractive homepage that simply captivates Internet users when they visit your website.

Default and standard home page designs can be pretty generic. With a good page builder, you can totally change the experience for your website visitors. For instance, you can use Visual Composer, one of the most popular page builders, to design a new home page from scratch. You can tweak all kinds of elements of your home page including the columns, sliders, excepts, etc. and see the changes live for your consideration.

Get Rid of the Sidebar

Switching to a full-width layout can revamp the overall “feel” of your website. The visitors see less clutter, and it’s easy to highlight the important sections of your website this way. Usually, this is pretty easy to do if your theme supports it. In case it doesn’t or you face some other challenge, then you can also check out a tutorial online.

Improve the Color Scheme

Experimenting with the color palette of your WordPress theme can give some really amazing results. However, it can also backfire if you don’t know what you are doing.

Learning the basic principles of color psychology aside, there are a few things that you should know before you attempt working with the color scheme of your website. For instance, you can avoid common mistakes by simply referring to other popular websites that are known for their color schemes. You can draw inspiration from sample websites created by professionals, and you can also use built-in color skins and theme customizer options if your theme supports them. What’s more, you can simply install a free color scheme plugin to make the task easier and simpler.

Stick to Minimalism

A lot of people try to add all kinds of elements to their website when they try to give it a personal touch. However, for best results, you should try to follow the principles of minimalism. So, rather than adding new visual features, you should try to reposition and realign the existing ones for an aesthetic overhaul.

Bottom Line

Creating a WordPress website is easier, but creating a site that’s unique and has the “wow” factor takes time and effort. That said, you can make your job a lot easier by doing homework in advance and following guidelines set by experts. Of course, you will also benefit from the information above. Good luck, and have fun!


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