In today’s article you’ll find some examples of creative, beautiful, shocking, unusual and outstanding Flash-based designs, we’ve collected 50 really creative Flash websites created by expert Flash developers all over the world, to help you inspire if you intend to make such design or just if you like watching nice website.

I got really amazed what can be done with Flash and how limitless possibilities are. In the world of Flash-based web applications, there are an endless number of possibilities. Such websites never stop to surprise, because really there are almost no limitations, you can do and create everything there with action-script, animation, include videos and also create really interactive designs. Website Flash Designing is commonly used by designers, agencies, advertisers and interactive web sites, and not on the sites where simplicity and quick access to information are important. In this post we present hand picked examples of outstanding Flash designs, with excellent use of graphics, visual elements, interface design and graphics motion.

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Parasol Island


Project: Coca-Cola Light – Tastes of the World

Saizen Media

Infinite OZ

American Airlines


2Advanced Studios

Start the Change


Immersive Garden

Falcon's Treehouse

Summer Festival

GT3 Creative

Sorabol College

New York City

i Make My Case


Erguvan Platin


Fruit Shoot

Jordan: History Of Flight

Pritt Knutselwereld



ELSE Mobile

Mauricio Guimaraes


City Expression

Got Milk

Christmas Tweets

V5 Design

The Color Of The Emotions


Safe Trip Home

Bad Luck Test

Frito Lay Dips & Chips

Prism Girl

Ed Peixoto

Get In Vision


The Creative Mind

The Oleg

Elipse Agency




Sensi Soft

Infinit Colours

Jet R. Harmonia


  • R. Elmansy
    I was familiar with some of these sites and was really impressed and you gave me some more excellent sites, grateful to you…
  • Fererra D.
    Very inspiring collection. Wonderful concept & awesome creative design used most of these flash websites. Thanks for share this wonderful post. :)
  • Tom Ross
    This is a very good collection of some of the outstanding work on flash. I must say that the work has a touch of excellence, innovation and precession in it. This would indeed be a source of inspiration for many and I think that it would be a very good thing to have some good benefits too.
  • Keryn
    Awesome collections.. Its really impressed me a lot.
  • Sebastian
    While there are great designs listed, flash websites are far too often inaccessible and use too many system resources.
  • Hermasyah J.
    Great compilation. Thanks for inspiring. Keep it going, Alex!
  • Valpo Creative
    Nice websites, they def pulled it off, I know i would never recommend flash to any of my clients.
  • LCR
    Your website is superb! I admire your skills :) This is result I got thanks to your tutoria