Businesses use a lot of different channels to engage customers, but the company’s website is definitely the most important of all since its purpose is to serve as the center for all online resources built by a brand.

While social media, business directories, and interactive ads get a lot of attention these days, all these vital traffic sources lead back to a single place - your website. There are different factors to consider when maintaining or structuring a business website, but one decision must be made early on, your domain name.

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You mustn’t take this lightly because your domain name should serve to establish trust quickly in today’s demanding marketplace. The domain name you choose will serve as your business name online as well as primary point of contact, appearing on multiple places like directory pages, online profiles, and even printed materials.

Quick domain selection guide:

  • Make it unique. In many cases, the best domain names are not those with ordinary combination of words or phrases, but those with unique or unusual words. Whatever it is, it must be unique enough to be memorable.
  • Make it visually stunning. People love aesthetically pleasing stuff, so the more memorable your domain name is, the better. For instance, if your domain name suggests something that can be seen or touched, it will boost its memorability.
  • Make it catchy. A domain that’s easy to say, read, or repeat, will be easier for recall.
  • Make it orderly. Memorization is the key and is also the process of organization. The brain likes things to be organized so the better a domain name is organized, the more memorable it will be for people. For instance, “” has order. But “” may sound off.

Where to Register a Domain Name?

You will eventually find the perfect domain – a domain that ticks off everything above – it will sound cool, short, clear and easy to spell. After registering it for yourself, the next step will get you confronted with a wide choice of possible registrars.

While domain registration is a commodity, i.e. there’s no intrinsic way to make it better or worse, there’s certainly a crucial forward-looking factor to consider here.

Since a domain’s purpose is to identify a website, you will have to build a website on your newly acquired domain, which means a need for hosting to store it and present the website to visitors. Thus, it is wise to purchase a domain name from a reputable hosting provider to allow management of everything from a single admin panel. Many providers will actually offer to register a domain name for free provided you buy even the least expensive hosting plan from them.

Domain name will affect every area of your branding. In fact, it could be argued that domain names are the most significant aspect of a company or a brand’s identity. Following the quick guideline above will help you come up with an effective domain name for your brand.

Have other tips for choosing the perfect domain name? Looking for inspiration from others? Let us know in the comment section below!


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