No matter what industry you are working in, web design is a vital contributor to the strength and success of your brand. Most people think branding is just about coming up with a good logo, but the design of your website plays a big part in the communication of the ethos of your company.

But what exactly constitutes a well-built website, and what are the components of web design that create an effective brand? We have put together this list of elements to consider when designing a website to improve the relationship between website design and your company’s brand.


A website could have the most beautiful logo, color scheme and layout, but if it has poor functionality it is a badly designed site. The functionality of a website includes the navigation and general visitor experience. Making a website that looks nice is one thing, but making a website that is easy to use and gives the visitor a positive experience is vital to the reputation of your company.

Think about it, if your website doesn’t work properly, this will reflect badly on the quality of your product/service. If you went into a clothes shop looking for a T-shirt, but it was impossible to find what you were looking for, the staff were unhelpful, and none of the cash registers worked properly, then you likely won’t return there. The same applies for a website, if it doesn’t work properly then users won’t want to use it. Your website is the digital representation of your company, so make sure it gives the right impression to your potential customers.

Brand Consistency

One of the most important things to remember when creating a brand is to make sure it is consistent. If your logo and brand name appears on posters, flyers, letter heads etc., then make sure the colors, font and dimensions are the same on your website. Having a logo that appears differently on various platforms will look disorganized, and make it difficult for anyone to relate to your brand.

Another important thing to remember is to ensure your brand name is the same as your domain name. Some web hosting companies offer free domain names, but the result is that your domain will look something like this:, when it could look like this: It’s simple to find too, as providers like 1&1 offer easy and affordable ways to buy a domain name, so there is no excuse. Having the same domain name as your brand name looks professional, and makes it easier for customers to remember your website address.


The content on your website is what communicates the message of your brand. Design and content are mutually dependent on each other when it comes to building a website – the design should complement the content and vice versa. If there are too many visual elements on a web page, then this will distract the user from the text. Make sure that you consider content when designing a website, to establish the perfect balance between a brand with a clear message and a well-designed website.


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