If you are running a small business, you cannot underestimate the importance of domain names. As I have said plenty of times before, the right domain name will add credibility to your company and also make you look more professional to your many clients.

Countless beginner website owners have asked me a lot of questions regarding domains and how they relate to search engine optimization (SEO). The truth is your domain, and how you create it can help or undermine your SEO efforts. That is why I advise everyone who owns a website to be extra cautious when choosing their new address. Check out tools that can help you pick the right one along the way. Looking for a checker to help you create an SEO friendly domain name?

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Below are some critical things worth knowing about domains from the SEO side.

An Industry Keyword Is Essential

I cannot stress this enough. It might be hard to comprehend how domains work at first, but the truth is, including an industry keyword in your domain name can give you the SEO visibility boost you have been longing for. As you do this, prepare to encounter some problems. For instance, you may realize that some of the best keywords in your industry have been taken by your competitors.

This makes it tricky to use them as well because you want to stand out and become more visible. Also, take the necessary precautions to prevent your business name from looking spammy. You don't want your countless customers to be confused. At the same time, never stuff keywords in your domain name.

You Can Always Get Help

I know that it can be a little hard for you to come up with an SEO-friendly domain name if you are just starting out. Of course, there is a lot that you don't know, but it should not stop you from getting one, which is SEO-friendly for the benefit of your company. I know you are already asking, "But how?" Well, you can get the help of a dependable domain checker.

Domain checkers will enable you to search for great domain name options for free. These tools primarily do three things:

  • Check if your chosen option is available for purchase.
  • Present available TLD alternatives for your chosen business name.
  • Offer similar alternative names if the one you’re looking for is taken.

Additionally, if you’re really set on a certain domain that is parked, you can use a tool like WHOIS domain lookup, which can reveal the domain owner’s contact information, from where you can get in touch and negotiate a sale.

Be sure to check for alternative top-level domains (TLDs). When looking for a domain. It’s also worth mentioning, that most domain checkers are powered by web hosting companies, so be sure to look out for deals that could land you the domain for free, if you opt for website hosting.

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A Memorable Domain Name Is an SEO-Friendly One

This is one of the rules of SEO that you must adhere to when you are creating your business name. By getting an unforgettable domain name, you are making things easier for your visitors. They can comfortably connect your company to the name, plus when they need to come back, it will not take them hours to remember your domain. That is why I tell all business owners to first think about their clients before they settle for any name. Believe me; if they cannot even recall the name of your site when they are looking for your content online, they will barely visit it.

Short Plus Simple Is Always the Way to Go

As I have mentioned before, your business name needs to be easy to remember if you want your SEO efforts to bear any fruits. You can achieve this by making sure that the name of your business is short and straightforward. There is no doubt that long-tail keywords can be part of your SEO strategy, but they are not as great when used. Your customers do not have plenty of time to type in a lot of words just to get to your site. Besides, most of them would rather forget your it than spend hours cramming it for future use.

Sometimes, Domain Extensions Matter

Let me start this by saying that domain extensions do not affect your search engine results. Nevertheless, there exists an exception when it comes to country-done TLDs, which include .us and .uk. This means that when your domain extension is .uk, your site will be more visible to searchers who are in the United Kingdom than to others in other parts of the world. I always advise people to choose domain extensions that are in their countries, especially when their target audience is from the same state. Also, choose a domain extension that is credible and has earned the trust of many people. With it, most of your customers will be inclined to visit your website.

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Staying Away from Hyphens Is a Great Idea

For SEO-friendliness, avoid using hyphens in your domain name. I understand that it might seem wise if the name has two words. While the hyphen might increase its readability from your perspective, your visitors might not share the same thoughts, plus hyphens make business names less memorable. Whenever you have to include a hyphen, let it be just one and nothing more, no matter the case.

Domain Names Should Be Recognizable

This is another thing that I think is great for SEO when you are creating domains. Unless your business uses an acronym or nickname, do not even think about misspelling your domain name. People might not be able to recognize that it is for your business, and this can damage your credibility. When your customers get confused every time they see your business name, they are less likely to trust you or any of your products and services. This will eventually lead to fewer clicks and less income.

Customizing Website URLs Is Critical

This is also another useful SEO tip for domains. Every time you want to publish a new web page, make sure that you customize the URL instead of using the HTML that is automatically generated. The URL you use should also be relevant to the content of that particular page. The process is fast, and you can easily do it without any prior experience.

Wrapping Up

These are just some of the few things that I think you should be aware of when it comes to domains and how they impact business SEO. When creating domain names, aim at achieving SEO-friendliness at all times.


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