If you’ve developed a new product, organizing a launch event is one of the best ways to generate a buzz and show it off to the world. Planning an event that is unique and memorable is no easy task, but if you use your creative talents, you can organize a launch to remember. Here are just some of the ways you can utilize your creativity to get your business off to a flying start.

Choosing a unique location

When you think about a launch event, what kinds of venues come to mind? Do you picture yourself sitting in a conference room or in a dedicated business event space? Or can you see yourself somewhere different? The trouble with business events of any kind is that the people you invite are likely to attend similar gatherings on a regular basis. The key is to stand out, and you can do this from the outset by thinking outside the box with your choice of venue. Why go for a mundane meeting room when you could treat your guests to a trip to an aquarium, a quirky restaurant, a converted warehouse or an art gallery?

creative event

Diversifying your merchandise

When people leave your launch, you don’t want them to stop thinking about your product. You want to maintain their interest and remind them why your brand and the product are so great. Rather than giving out goody bags full of branded pens or key rings, why not go for something different? If you can offer something different, this will make your business stand out, and it’s more likely to capture the imagination of potential investors, buyers or clients.

Pitching with a difference

If you’re a buyer or you like to invest in up and coming ventures, you probably attend launch events and listen to pitches frequently. Sitting in a room and listening to the same spiel about a different product can become monotonous. When somebody comes along with something different, this is bound to make you sit up and take note. As a business owner, it’s your job to impress the people in front of you, and to persuade them to invest or put their trust in you. There’s nothing wrong with reciting a well-organized pitch and answering some questions afterwards, but you could do so much more if you’re prepared to be creative. You don’t have to stand there in front a screen and go through the pages of a Powerpoint presentation. Make your pitch more entertaining, make it interactive and do something that’s a bit out there. You could film a video clip, a short film or an advert, for example. Make sure the pitch is relevant to the product and your brand and ensure you include the important details and information, but have fun and be original.

If you’re hoping to hit the ground running, organizing a successful launch event is a great place to start. Use your creative talents to scout out a venue, design some unique branded merchandise and put together an engaging, captivating pitch. Good luck!


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