There’s more to event marketing than spreading the word about what/when/where. Your materials must grab the attention of an audience incessantly hit by competing visual stimuli, and then go a step further: they have to make people engage.

When marketing an event, it’s best to avoid going overboard with copy, because you have to make sure the important details of the event are easy to read and remember. The information probably won’t be the element that makes your material stand out. The design, however, can have an enormous impact on noticeability. Why just slap the essential information on a flyer when you could do justice to the event that has taken months of hard work to organize?

Maximize the effect of your marketing materials by using them as a creative space. Look for inspiration related to typography, color, and other elements of design. Brainstorm about using signs, social media and promotional products in a trifecta of marketing power. With unique designs and a willingness to do something most advertisers won’t think to do, you can usher your event to huge success.

We’ve pulled together examples of well-executed, creative event marketing materials sure to be worthy of any event.











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    What a cool roundup ! I need to design my poster for an upcoming event and I’ve got inspired by some of those photos. Thanks a lot.
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