Some website types can be assembled like playing with plastic building blocks. You can try a variety of options and the pieces still fit.

On the other hand, there are website types that require functions that you’re not overly familiar with, seem terribly complicated to implement, or are simply not worth the effort.

Building an online shop from scratch can be an arduous task. It can be infinitely easier to do so if you have a ready-made shop to start with.

If you’re commissioned to build a directory site, or you want to add a knowledge base to an existing site, you may be at a loss as to what to do or where to start.

With so many WordPress themes out there, there’s likely a solution for any problem you might be facing. Some solutions are better than others, some are much better, a few are the best.

Let’s go with 14 of the best solutions and see if you’ll find something to scratch whatever itches.

1. ListingPro

wordpress theme

Building a directory site from scratch is something you should hope you never have to try. Building one using ListingPro is like taking a few plastic blocks and making a few changes to a structure that’s already nearly complete and the coolest thing is that you can start earning from day one.

ListingPro is a #1 best-selling end-to-end directory theme. It’s used by more than 10,000+ users world-wide. Since directory sites, like other website types, can exhibit a variety of personalities, you want to work with a software solution that offers a wide range of design options – which is precisely what ListingPro gives you.

  • ListingPro supports Elementor and WPBakery page builders.
  • It does not require costly third-party plugins; everything you need is included
  • The setup is quick using easy setup wizard.
  • Tones of great features including events calendar, ads, and appointment booking and more.
  • Advance response feature that gives similar experience as mobile app within the popular browsers.

“The ListingPro Theme is packed with a lot of excellent features! Support is fantastic, also - official and great Facebook Group with people who are happy to help. It's not too difficult to get the theme up and running, but the more customization you want to do, the more help you may need.” - CarolinaEpicurean

Learn more about this directory theme by clicking on the banner.

2. BeTheme – Responsive Multi-Purpose WordPress Theme

wordpress theme

If you’re looking for ways to simplify or streamline your workflow to accommodate a variety of clients you need a multipurpose theme that’s both super flexible and easy to work with; i.e., one that can do just about anything you need, and do so quickly.

BeTheme fills the bill. This, the biggest WordPress theme of them all is ultra-flexible, customizable, responsive, and gives its users 40+ core features to work with. These core features run the gamut from the Muffin Builder page builder and a powerful Admin Panel to Shortcodes, grid, header, footer, and layout options and a huge array of design options and special elements.

The highlight is BeTheme’s library of 500+ pre-built websites.

These pre-built websites:

  • Are responsive and customizable
  • Cover 30 industry sectors and a wide range of business niches
  • Address all the common website types
  • Feature basic UX functionality

Bigger can indeed be better.

“Thanks for this amazing theme, huge customization makes it really the biggest theme ever. Thanks.” - egylearn

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3. Kalium

wordpress theme

For a first-timer, building any type of website brings with it doubts and uncertainties; both in terms of building the site itself and using the tools at hand.

This is where Kalium can save the day. Kalium is a premium theme built for professional designers yet is so easy to use that a beginner should have very little if any trouble working with it. If a problem should arise, Kalium’s excellent support team will resolve it in short order.

  • Kalium offers a selection of excellent full-concept demos that can both inspire and assist in getting a project underway.
  • The updates are free and automatically provided
  • There are shortcodes for everything; no coding required.
  • Free premium plugins, including Elementor, WPBakery, and Revolution Slider

Kalium is responsive, GDPR compliant, and 32,000 customers simply love it.

“Great theme. Easy to use and lots of design possibilities. Fast and good support.” - CorvinaDaNeve

Click on the banner to visit Kalium’s website.

4. Total Theme

wordpress theme

Plugins can be good to have when they provide functions you badly need but managing them can be a hassle; especially for beginners. Total on the other hand has everything you need including a library of design aids that include:

  • 40+ demos with 1-click import
  • 100+ drag and drop page-building modules
  • 500+ styling options
  • Total also has 41,000 well-satisfied customers

“Amazing Theme & Outstanding Support! I have been using the Total Responsive Theme for approx 6 years and recommend it to all my clients. I am not a tech yet found the theme easy to work with - it is one of the most highly customizable in the marketplace. Far superior to others I have tried. Highly recommend this theme to anyone considering building, or updating, their website!” - Brucejh

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5. Uncode – Creative Multiuse WordPress Theme

wordpress theme

Rather than list the features this pixel-perfect theme provides, we suggest you visit the website and browse the showcase of user-build websites. You’ll get a good idea of what Uncode could do for you and you could get some inspiration as well.

It should also be noted that Uncode is an Envato top-selling theme with 60,000 sales to its credit.

“Very keen customer support that answers within 24h and provides me very patiently with the codes I need. The best what I've experienced so far, highly recommendable!” - dmachaon

Click on the banner; visit the site; browse the user showcase.

6. TheGem – Creative Multi-Purpose High-Performance WordPress Theme

wordpress theme

Take this ultimate multi-purpose WordPress toolbox with its 400+ stunning creative templates and apply your own creative talents and the sky’s the limit with respect to what you could accomplish.

TheGem 4.0 is especially well suited for online shops, online magazine or blogging website designers even though its more than 40,000 customers have most often used it to build business-oriented websites.

The recent release of TheGem 4.0 makes this popular theme more flexible than ever.

“Great support combined with a easy to use backend that is very flexible.” - 7866

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7. KnowAll

wordpress theme

What sets KnowAll apart is the ease in which you can create a real knowledge base for your customers, and not simply a list of obvious answers to basic FAQs. Top features KnowAll provides include instant answers, live search, actionable analytics, and article feedback.

With KnowAll’s instant search you can even make suggestions to users who are not sure what they’re looking for.

This knowledge base theme has some real horsepower.

Click on the banner to learn more about KnowAll.

8. Avada

wordpress theme

More than just a top seller, Avada is the best selling WordPress theme of all time. The claim is you can build anything, and a look inside this high-powered theme amply illustrates why this is indeed the case.

You’ll find pre-build websites, full demos, partial demos, and a supporting cast of design aids and elements. The Dynamic Content system provides tons of flexibility, plus Avada integrates flawlessly with WooCommerce.

“Very easy to use and flexible for most site designs”. - Alexstevens31

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9. Schema

wordpress theme

Ultra-fast, 100% responsive, and offering all the design tools you’ll ever need is a recipe for perfection. Schema is either perfect or very close to it. This multipurpose WordPress theme has the capability to enable you to build websites featuring cleaner code, faster load times, and unequaled SEO.

Schema carefully guides search engines through your site. The result – high search rankings.

If achieving decent SEO is a challenge, click on the banner for a solution.

10. Movedo

wordpress theme

When web designers tell you that Movedo “rocks” it’s probably because they’ve recently implemented this theme’s ultra-dynamic parallax feature into their sites. Things that appear to move but don’t and other weird effects can be created.

What Movedo can do for you is help you create themes that are both entertaining and highly engaging – leading to more conversions.

“Great theme, overall astonishing functions and page builder; also, support is tremendous.” - cedzufrei

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11. XStore | Responsive Multi-Purpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

wordpress theme

We can skip a list of XStore features, although it has all the design tools and aids needed to easily build an online shop. Instead, we’ll cut to the quick and highlight XStore’s 80 ready-to-go shops. Designing your own shop couldn’t be easier.

The single product page builder and a large selection of single product demos should also be mentioned.

“I am very impressed with the fast and effective support, which is at a premium level as well as very pleased with the great site customization capabilities, flexibility and an impressive number of templates.” - LCzdIQ0mf

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12. Pofo – Creative Portfolio, Blog and eCommerce WordPress Theme

wordpress theme

As the name implies, Pofo is the ideal choice for anyone wishing to build a personal or business website. This multiuse theme is a great choice for building eCommerce and blog sites as well. Pofo is flexible, SEO optimized, and crazy-fast.

Features include:

  • 200+ ready demo pages, 25+ ready home pages, and 150+ prebuilt elements
  • Custom shortcodes
  • A bundle of premium plugins including the WPBakery page builder

“Great theme and support!! I really like to work with this theme.” - Isos2018

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13. Hongo – Modern & Multipurpose WooCommerce WordPress Theme

wordpress theme

Hongo is a multipurpose theme but its users most likely have WooCommerce in mind. That is the area where this WordPress theme really struts its stuff. Bloggers will enjoy working with it as well.

This recently-released modern theme features 11 ready store demos along with a strong supporting cast of design aids.

“At the first look I was amazed with the designs, all demos and eCommerce features, but not ready to purchase as it was a new theme. But I checked about author ThemeZaa and their all products are very well built and supported. So I purchased it and now I can say my decision was absolutely correct.” - kinjalbhl

Click on the banner and discover what Hongo brings to the party.

14 . Neve

wordpress theme

Lightweight, minimalist, fully AMP optimized, responsive, and highly extendible describe Neve in a nutshell; not to ignore its clean, superbly optimized SEO code. You get the impression that plenty of loving care went into the design of Neve, which accounts for its position in the top most popular WordPress themes. Adding the facts that this theme is WooCommerce ready, Gutenberg compatible, and provides 50+ starter sites to get your future projects underway, it makes Neve the best choice for 2020.

“I love using this very useful and flexible theme. There are tons of options for header, typography, colors, and customizations.” - kleberjr (@kleberjr) on

Click on the banner to learn more about Neve.


With a huge and growing array of diverse WordPress themes out there and each one clamoring for your attention, finding one with all the tools and design aids you feel you must have can be difficult.

To help you out, we’ve scoured a ton of sales figures, reviews, and usages, and narrowed candidates down to these 4 top multipurpose WordPress themes going into 2019.

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