Minimal design looks really neat and clean and that is perfectly suited to what we say "simplicity is beauty." Creating a beautiful eye-catching business card is an integral part of branding yourself or your company. And indeed, simplicity is the most appropriate and the most beautiful design for a business card. It also connotes young, neat and professional. Some people prefer a more minimalistic approach, with a modern and clean style, which is what we are featuring here today.

Minimalism is an important trend in brand designing as well as in the overall design community because of its simplistic approach and effectiveness in delivering your message. This type of minimal design focus on simple graphics or fine typography, these business cards will hopefully give you an idea to create a concept of what you want to achieve on your own. Minimalist business cards always reflect and class elegance so you can’t ever go wrong with choosing this type of design.

Below, we’ve put together a fine selection of beautifully designed minimalistic business cards, scroll down and enjoy the showcase!

Matière Noire Handmade Business Card by Burak Kaynak

creative minimalistic business cards

Creativity at it finest, Sewing Thread Card style handmade business cards, letter-pressed on 100% cotton Lettra Fluo white paper. Every card is hand-wrapped with natural black cotton thread that helped connecting raw materials used in the fashion field directly with the brand identity. Designed for Montreal-based fashion label Matière Noire Studio.

Bear Clothing UK by Apex Studio

minimalistic business card vector line

Bear Clothing UK is a new manly fashion apparel brand in the United Kingdom, they were looking for a new Visual Identity, an image that could be reflected as both sophisticated and humorous, in a minimalistic and flat style kind way. Instead of developing a static logo with a bear wearing a hat or other type of accessory, they created a brand fitting these same purposes of choice, personalization, combination reflecting both sophisticated and humorous styles and forms. The minimalistic business cards are a nice touch.

Lexi Warren by Josh Warren

edge painted business cards

Natural french paper, foil stamp, edge paint, letterpress. Used Gold Foil for the leaves and then edge painted with some pink. Classy work!

Sloko by ADESTRA

minimalistic business card designs

minimal business card design

Inspired by the ivory colors and Indian culture, with a timeless color palette, which combines navy blue, bronze and cream, the team behind this rebranding project created a sleek and minimalistic logo which consists of the elements of type cut down to an extent it becomes a sophisticated form, in order to communicate brand’s name, mood and values.

Hot Popsicle By Rachel Kalagher

minimal colorful business card

Hot Popsicle is a collaborative branding effort for a fictional graphic design firm, the style was chosen to showcase the bright and colorful personalities of each member of the team: web design, packaging, and branding.

Design and Letterpress Printing by Missive

minimal letterpress business card

You can notice how nothing is near the edges and all information is kept in the center, image to the left, text to the right in way where is very easy to read it. Simple but technically very well spaced business card.

Stav Garts – Photographer Business Card

minimalistic business card photographer

You can tell right away from his business card with which profession it’s owner is working in without even reading text.

Taste Catering by Jovana Andjelkovic

minimalistic business card restaurant

Champagne colored paper with some shimmer to it, looks good and on point.

Magnani Studio by Diego Magnani

minimal business cards

Make it simple. Magnani is a design studio based in Sao Paulo, Brazil focused in proposing digital solutions.

Tigermed Therapy by illustra Studio

minimalistic business card medicinal

minimalistic business card med

minimalistic business card medic

Tigermed Therapy is an Integrative Medical Clinic, with a symmetric tiger face as a logo, composed of geometric crisp shapes, and the color palette incorporates gold accents that highlight the luxury standards of the brand. In these business cards, the forms of the typography match the style of the tiger face design and add a touch of elegance.

Simple Creative Business Card

simple business cards

Interesting approach to a business card, it have the scale in inches and millimeters on top and bottom sides. You can also buy it and replace your name and other info. Simple and effective!

Business Card For Chemist by Dmitry Mayvic

minimalistic business card chemist

Chemist business card, with a clean and minimalistic design, got his inspiration from label on bottles of different chemical elements. These are printed with letterpress on thick cotton paper and painting boards that enhance tactile and visual experience. The molecules logo immediately makes it clear who is its holder.

ô bar — Corporate Design by Martin Knupfer

minimalistic business card clean

Corporate Design for the ô bar in Basel, Switzerland.

Personal business cards of Janne Koivistoinen

personal business cards

600gsm Luxe card with a blue sandwich in the middle, a nice little detail.

Ideas Diseño Industrial by Random Factory

modern business cards

Ideas Diseño Industrial is a new wooden furniture business based in Buenos Aires, Argentina. They developed this identity presentation inspired by a smooth, delicate and modern style.

Dotts Business Card Design by Sambruce

minimalism business cards

Dots do look sexy. Very minimal business cards with main focus on great typography.

UTM logo mock-up by Nastia Piven

business cards mockup

Cuchillo & Tenedor

simple business card

The knife and fork on the logo helps the customer understand the name and concept no matter what language they speak.

Personal Identity of Sónia Silva

square business cards

Sonia, as a designer, needed a personal business card that represented her, minimalistic, clean and based on her name. Beautiful line logo!

Personal Branding of Jolien Brands

fresh business cards


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