Every day thousands of business cards exchange hands, and these business cards often get lost in mounds of other cards. Often, clients are unable to reach you just because they couldn't find your business card,and they then try finding someone else to do the task for them.

So what do you as a company do? One solution is that you design a unique business card that can stand out from the rest of the cards. You can do that by creating your metal business cards in a unique way that can help wow your audience and also prompt them to keep your business card in a safe place for when they need it.

There are a lot of ways through which you can make your metal business cards unique and help them stand out. Just Metal Cards also has some unique business card designs available that I have talked about below.

1. You Can Emboss Your Metal Business Cards

design unique metal business card

What gives your metal business cards a more royal feel than card embossments. You can use metal business cards and emboss them with details about your company.

The largest benefit of embossing your cards is that they won't fade over time. Companies that design metal business cards also offer a lot of customized perks and can help you design the perfect business cards.

You can choose to emboss certain things in your metal business cards only as well. If you feel like the logo would look better if it was embossed, you can choose to emboss only the logo.

2. Reflective Metal Surfaces

design metal business card1

Metal business cards can help you in establishing a solid brand image as well. If you have just started your business and are looking to get metal business cards designed, then you should go for something truly unique that helps you stand out from the rest of the crowd.

You can get a metal business card that comes with a reflective surface. Reflective surfaces give out a cool and sleek image, and they are also very functional. These can act as a mini mirror for people and can prompt people to keep them in their wallets even if they don't use those cards.

For most businesses, all you need is a little persuasion to convince consumers to purchase from you. Functional business cards do just that. If something is always in use by a person, he will be reminded of the company's brand name and might be tempted to buy whatever you are offering.

3. Make Your Business Cards Beautiful By Making Them Die Cut

design metal business card

There are a lot of beautiful examples of die-cut cards available on the internet, and I would prompt you to look at those cards as well for inspiration. If you've decided to make your cards die-cut, then you should opt for elaborate designs because they give out a completely different type of aesthetic appeal.

You can also make your metal business cards die cut and also cut out in a custom shape that can visually communicate what your business is about.

4. Customize!

unique metal business card

A key to making your business cards truly unique is by giving them a custom design. If you're in the real estate industry, you can design your card in the form of a key if your business is construction, you can create your metal cards to look like bricks or steel bars.

Custom shapes for your business cards are not unique, but they are also eye-catching, and they can help people in remembering your brand whenever they need to get work done from you. You can custom design your metal card shape to add a useful feature.

You can add a ring so that the business cards can be used as keychains, or you can add on a surface that can be used as a nail filer for busy people on the go. The ways through which you can indirectly convince people to keep your business cards are endless.

5. Add In A Little Personal Touch

Blue Full Printing Metal Card

Customers love personalization; a little communication can help you create deep emotional bonds with the consumer and can also encourage them to carry out purchases with you and not your competition.

People prefer communicating with brands that have a human face. Research has also shown that to be true. Adding in your picture on your metal business cards can help add a little personal touch to your business cards and can also help you gain more sales.

Many companies that manufacture metal business cards offer features that can help you print in your headshot on the card. These prints are usually of high quality and don't fade or stick to other surfaces over time.

Metal business cards are an ingenious marketing tool, and if you've decided actually to take the leap and design your metal business cards, then you should try to make your designs as unique as you can.

Unique designs help catch the audiences' attention and also help them remember your company. They also give out a good impression of your company and also about your company's values, and they show that your company is serious about what they want to do.


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