Imagine an empty apartment block, stark and desolate, with just a single light flickering in the overwhelming darkness. This is not a scene from a movie; it's the centerpiece of a powerful advertising campaign by Sameday delivery service. Aimed at supporting Ukrainian refugees, this ad is a masterclass in emotional and effective advertising.

The campaign unlocked the biggest war donation network in Romania, with over 2.400 delivery lockers all over the country where people cand leave something for those in need.

Context of the Advertising Campaign

In a world bombarded with advertisements, it takes something truly special to stand out. Sameday's campaign does exactly that. It's not just an ad; it's a poignant story that captures the essence of human struggle and resilience.

humanitarian aid advertisign war victim ad campaign

The Emotional Appeal

Why does this ad tug at our heartstrings? It's the power of visual storytelling. The lone lit apartment symbolizes hope amidst despair, a beacon in the night for those lost in the shadows of conflict.

The Campaign's Core Message

"Milioane de oameni nu mai au adresă. Și totuși știm cum să ajungem la ei." These words translate to "Millions of people no longer have an address. Yet we know how to reach them." The message is clear: even in the darkest times, there's a way to extend a helping hand.

Understanding the Visual Metaphor

The flickering light in the ad is a metaphor for the flickering hope in the hearts of refugees. Its eventual extinguishing speaks to the dire situations faced, urging immediate action.

The Power of Subtlety in Advertising

In an era of over-the-top advertising, this campaign uses subtlety to its advantage. It's not loud or flashy; it's quiet, and it resonates.

The Impact of the Campaign

The response was immediate and overwhelming. People were moved not just to tears, but to action. Donations poured in, proving that the campaign struck the right chord.

Immediate Public Response

Social media buzzed with discussions about the ad. People shared their emotional reactions, spreading the word far and wide.

Quantifying Success: Results and Numbers

While the exact figures are proprietary, the surge in donations following the campaign's launch speaks volumes. It's a testament to the power of well-crafted advertising.

Deeper Analysis

This campaign did more than just raise funds; it raised awareness and empathy. It showed how advertising can be a force for good.

Emotional Resonance with the Audience

The campaign connected on a human level. It didn't just ask for donations; it asked for compassion and understanding.

The Role of Social Media in Amplifying Messages

The virality of the campaign on social media platforms played a crucial role in its success. It's a prime example of how digital platforms can be harnessed for social good.

The Mechanics of the Donation Campaign

Sameday's innovative approach allowed people to donate directly through their delivery boxes network, making the process seamless and accessible.

How the Sameday Delivery Service Facilitates Donations

The simplicity of the donation process was key. People could easily contribute, ensuring a higher participation rate.

The Logistics Behind the Scenes

Managing such a campaign was no small feat. It required coordination, logistics, and a deep understanding of the cause and the audience.

The Future of Socially Conscious Advertising

This campaign sets a new benchmark. It shows that advertising, at its best, can be a tool for change, a medium for storytelling, and a catalyst for collective action.

  1. What was the main goal of the Sameday campaign? The campaign aimed to raise awareness and aid for Ukrainian refugees.
  2. How did the campaign use social media to its advantage? The emotional resonance of the ad led to widespread sharing and discussion on social media, amplifying its impact.
  3. What does the flickering light in the advertisement symbolize? It symbolizes the dwindling hope of refugees, urging viewers to take action.
  4. How did the campaign impact the public's response to the refugee crisis? It significantly increased donations and public empathy towards the plight of refugees.
  5. Can this campaign be considered a turning point for socially conscious advertising? Absolutely. It demonstrates the immense potential of advertising to drive social change when done with sincerity and creativity.

Reflecting on the Campaign's Success

The Sameday campaign is more than an advertising success story. It's a blueprint for future campaigns that aspire to blend emotional storytelling with social responsibility. It's a reminder that in the world of advertising, the most powerful message is one that speaks to the heart.

What made this campaign so effective? It was its authenticity, its emotional depth, and its ability to make people feel a part of something bigger than themselves.


  • Agency: pastel (Romania)
  • Client: Sameday (Romania)
  • Art Director: Alexandru Roman
  • Copywriter: Ionuț Ungureanu


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