In these clever ads for the Samsung NX mini camera, famous and classic self-portrait paintings are reimagined as selfies. A self-portrait painting from centuries ago is the predecessor of the selfie. The campaign depicts artists Vincent van Gogh, Albrecht Dürer and Frida Kahlo. This awesome campaign was created by ad agency Leo Burnett Switzerland. To enhance the camera advertisements, Samsung adds a catchy slogan about the camera: “for self-portraits, not selfies.

A striking and sophisticated approach to rebranding a colloquial word, the ads appeal with familiarity but keep your attention through wit. Goes to show that everyone loves being a bit vain, like even people from many, many years ago. And the only difference is they had no duck face back then!





  • Jeremy Keith
    More proof that “selfies” have infected every corner of society.
  • Greg Whitworth
    too commercial, still a nice execution though.
  • James M.
    i like the concept
  • Andy Mehalick
    I think these are smart
  • Mary Ann
    solid looking ads.
  • Salim Ahmed
    Hello Alex Your concept is really admirable. I appreciate it. Thanks for sharing.