Online advertising is one of the most cost-effective ways to acquire new customers. It offers you endless options for targeting your message, a vast range of price points, and easy-to-understand metrics.

If you’re a first-timer advertiser, however, you need to understand some things, such as the right type of advertising, before you spend money on online advertising. You don’t want to spend lots of your hard-earned capital and end up not getting the expected exposure.

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Therefore, it's essential to:

Understand the Major Types of Online Advertising

Two major types of advertising have proven to deliver the best return on investment (ROI) in the world of digital marketing. They are:

Banner Ads or Display Ads – Banner ads are the most common type of online advertising. While they can be useful, they usually target customers who are not actively looking for a new product or service. You could be reading a blog post, for example, but are not interested in a budget-friendly travel package.

You have to use these types of ads properly to get the best return from them. You can buy banner ads through a pay-per-click model or just have them displayed for a specified period on your chosen platform.

Text Ads – Text ads are normally cheaper than Banner ads, but they target customers that are actually looking for a new product or service. These are the types of ads you normally see on the main Google search page.

Text ads can deliver an impressive ROI, provided you get your keyword research and A/B testing right. You can engage a reputable internet marketing services professional to help you with this.

Set Up A Proper Tracking System

It’s vital to be able to track how each of your ads is performing. Otherwise, there's no point of spending money on advertising.Fortunately, online advertising allows you to track everything.

If you’re buying online advertising, you must not only have Google Analytics but also understand how to use Google Analytics Custom Campaigns effectively. With this tool, you’ll be able to compare all of your advertising campaigns on a single interface.

Have a Landing Page

For successful online advertising, you want to direct incoming visitors to a special page on your website, instead of your homepage. This page is called a landing page, and is beneficial in several ways:

  • With a landing page, you can customize your message for incoming visitors. It is an excellent way to uphold the continuity of your Ad message, creating a cohesive experience.
  • With a custom landing page, you can direct visitors toward specific actions that you want them to take, like downloading a brochure or subscribing to a service.
  • With a landing page, you’ll have an easier time tracking your ads.

Combined with a good funnel-tracking tool, the landing page can give you tons of information on how to reach and convert your new visitors into buying customers. You can choose to create a unique landing page for every keyword that you purchase or create a single landing page for your entire advertising campaign.

In Conclusion

Online advertising gives you endless options for building your brand awareness, creating quality leads, and driving sales. When it comes to buying online advertising, it is imperative that you understand the different types of online ads, have a proper tracking system and invest in a good landing page.


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