The use of pre-made layouts does away with the necessity of starting with a blank page when building a website from scratch. These layouts give the developer a foundation to build on. Because they represent editable conceptual designs, they not only enable a developer to get off to a fast start, but to maintain momentum throughout a project.

A website cannot of course be created using a layout alone. Other tools need to be brought into play, and they need to function as advertised and they need to be used correctly. If that is not the case, a layout is next to useless. The answer of course is to have a support team in place to offer guidance and assistance should a problem arise. Most website development themes provide support, but the quality of that support can vary. If however, you are fortunate enough to have a world-class support team backing you up, things just get easier and easier.

What Premade Layouts will do for You

Writers, artists, and web designers all experience it. It’s called getting stuck, having a mental block, or just not being able to get started. That can easily happen when you find yourself staring at a blank page at the beginning of a project. That is seldom the case however when pre-made layouts are a part of the picture. Pre-made layouts represent design concepts, and they can present a wealth of ideas. All you have to do is make that first edit and you are on your way.

If you have a large number of clients, and you need to build websites around a variety of topics, having multiple layouts at your fingertips enables you to get off to a quick start regardless of what the theme of a website may be about. Your productivity will improve and your clients will be impressed.


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One Click to Install; Another to Edit

If you were to ask the 30,000+ users of Be Theme what their favorite feature is, a majority might tell you it’s the 100+ pre-made layouts that come with this premium WordPress theme. The world-class support Be provides, and the fact that a website can be created without needing to use code would be contenders for the top-spot, but users definitely appreciate how helpful it is to have many layouts to select from.

The question is, once you have selected a layout, what do you do next? The answer is this: first you install it, and then you begin editing it. It takes but a single click to install a layout, and a single click for each edit as you proceed to build a page. This brief video will show you how quick and easy it is, and almost all of Be’s processes are that way.





Getting the Support You Deserve

While your web design activities with a pre-made layout can get you off to a fast start, there is always the possibility that you will encounter a problem, or have a question that requires an answer, no matter how good the tools you are using are. If the product you are using for your design work is not being adequately supported however, work could come to a grinding halt.

Web designers are a creative bunch that like to figure things out for themselves, but every once in a while they could use a little help. This is where a rock-solid support team can save a designer a great deal of time and trouble. Be’s team is extremely competent, helpful, and quick to respond; and they are there for you 24/7.




Core Features Designed with You in Mind

Be Theme has 24 core features, every one of which has been designed with you the user in mind. These core features range from Be being SEO ready, to continually providing free updates, to a Powerful Admin Panel, and everything in between. Nothing that you need to build a quality website quickly and easily, has been overlooked.

Be enables you to fully customize your websites, so that no two look alike, without having to resort to a line of code. This theme is WPML ready, WooCommerce ready, browsers compatible, and it has been optimized for speed. Be is a fast!

You can investigate these and the other core features embedded in this theme yourself, and you are invited to do so. You will be impressed.

There are nevertheless several other features that are key. These features in combination make Be a premier, world-class, WordPress theme that is being used by more than 30,000 website developers. They are:

  • The 100+ Pre-Made Layouts. You can start with a blank page if you wish, but these layouts make the design process much quicker and cleaner, and the end products more pleasing to your clients. Once you have used one or two, you won’t continue your web design efforts without them.
  • The World-Class Support Team. Mentioning the support team may seem repetitive, but the level of support you get can sometimes make the difference between failure and success. The Support Forums should be mentioned as well as an excellent source of information sharing and advice.


  • The Muffin Builder. Be Theme’s Muffin Builder is what makes things happen once you have installed a layout and are ready to begin work. This page builder is ridiculously simple to use, and when used in conjunction with the Muffin Options Panel, you can proceed at lightning speed with confidence that what you are doing is under control. To make your design efforts even easier, a website can be created without the need for a single line of code.

Other features that are designed to make life easier for you include, unlimited colors, 300+ fonts, grid and header options, shortcodes, and sliders. The list goes on, so take the time to see for yourself.

Visit Be Theme and See for Yourself

It will take a few minutes of your time to check out all of the features that have been incorporated into Be Theme, and you will find the selection of pre-made layouts more than just interesting. View a few of the demos and tutorials. See how easy Muffin Builder in combination with the Muffin Options Panel is to use. You may not notice Be’s world class support team in the background, but they are there, and they are ready to offer their assistance.



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