Design is your first impression. It is the primary means of your communication for your website. The colors, patterns and graphics create an impact that gets the visitor hooked. There’s another element that’s making designs more prolific - icons.

Apart from being visually appealing, icons serve many other purposes. They provide much needed paragraph breaks, highlight a new feature on the website and encapsulate the functionality of a tab.

Icons form one-of-its-kind visual communication that completes your content. Here are some links that offer, in totality, 313 new designer icons for free.

100 High Resolution Vector Icons


downloadThis is a store of top 100 vector icons that hosts a variety right from the YouTube icon to the WordPress icon. Many other meaningful icons are also enlisted here. High resolution and easy availability for download are characteristic to these icons.

These icons can be used to spice up your feature lists or improve readability of your lists.

35 Thin Lines Icons


downloadIn this freebie offer, you can get 35 thin line designer icons. With simple utilities like battery power indicators and printer symbol amongst others, these icons give a professional look to your website. They can be scaled as per the larger website design requirement, without losing its quality. The icons come with editable PSD file format and can be used on various web platforms.

Pack of 100 Smart Devices Icons


downloadThis is your go-to store if you are dealing in services and products catering to various smart devices. Variety of icons is available for devices like iPhone, iPod, PlayStation and many others. The resemblance of these icons to actual devices makes them attractive. The icons can be used as good communication tool for your design projects.

30 Flatteriffic Vector Icons


downloadSocial media icons are usually the most loved ones. Underlying popularity of their design imparts a quick identification value to them. Popular social media icons from this set are the icosn for Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, LinkedIn and RSS feed. Interface icons like Search, Calendar, Movies, Phone and Settings are also widely used. These icons are available in .AI and .PNG format and can be instantly downloaded.

48 Social Media Icons


downloadSince the start of graphical user interface, vector icons have played a major role regarding how a logo or an icon appears when viewing it on a spectrum of devices. In the age of Social Media, there is a further need for these icons. Every blog , contact page needs it. Increase the social visual appeal on your website with this pack of Social Media Icons


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