We got a new giveaway for all icanbeCreative readers from SimpleMaps HTML5 World Map, a tool for creating useful interactive HTML maps for websites. You can win one of the 3 lifetime licenses ($79 to $199) for any individual HTML5 maps at SimpleMaps.com

Maps are used widely in web design and they are a big plus when it's interactive when presenting data. You can use them to display statistics about countries, the branches of an international company or just destinations to visualize more clearly. What we specifically like about these HTML5 maps is the fact that they automatically detect mobile devices and adjust navigation to be touch friendly, the HTML5 maps look gorgeous on iPhones, iPads, Android devices and other tablets.


You can use it for creating an interactive infographic or perhaps you need to display geolocation information visually in your social networking app. These licenses are perfect for web designers and web developers who need to display mobile-ready and interactive world maps in their user interface designs, these maps are great visualizing geographic data or for improving website navigation. Like said, lots of uses for these maps.

SimpleMaps develops interactive HTML5/JavaScript maps. SimpleMaps can be easily customized in minutes using an intuitive spreadsheet-based online tool. SimpleMaps look great on mobile devices and degrade gracefully to support legacy browsers like IE7 and IE8. These maps are very flexible and can be extended by using their JavaScript API.

Here are some real world examples of how you might use Simple Maps on your website.

Display Worldwide Locations - display any location such as Office Headquarters or store locations.


Display Population Density - Display color regions based on population levels.


How to Win

For a chance to win a Simplemaps HTML5 World Map license, a prize worth $199, answer the following question in the comments:

How do you intend to use your Simplemaps HTML5 World Map license for your website?

Be sure to check out the examples section on the site.

Giveaway Details

This giveaway ends on October 31, 2013 after which the comments section on this post will be closed and you will no longer be able to leave a comment. The winners will be randomly selected from the comment section. Please leave a valid email address when filling out the comment form so that we can contact you if you've won. Please note that comments are moderated and so your comment may not show up right away.

Don't forget to visit the pricing page, choose the map you'd like to win and comment below this post explaining how you would use it on your website.



  • Jacob Irwin
    Would love a chance to get my hands on this! Would be using the world maps to display reports and stats to my users.
  • Justin Jackson
    I want to win a HTML5 Europe Map because it’s perfectly suited for my web site about bike trips.
  • Sophia Wu
    i will use world map to build one mobile app and after i will go world road trip.
  • Mangirdas
    SimpleMaps is a great app that I could integrate into one of my websites that shows my vacation travels. Would love to win a license for the US Map.
  • vhick
    This is great! A live information that will support your current research or articles that talk about study around the world.
  • Tate
    The world map would really help on my current web design projects~