I have had quite a few people asking about how I do my retro photos. This is a quick and very easy tutorial that should help those who want to learn the art of taking a photo, and making it an old fashion vintage picture. Well, I for one like the style, and I hope this helps those who wish to try it out.

Here's the final result:


Open your original image.


Duplicate the layer.


Go to Image/Apply Image.

Change Multiply to Screen.


Go to Filter/Blur/Gaussian Blur. Chose (about) 20.0


Change this blurred layer to Soft Light.


Merge everything.


Create 2 blank layers.


Fill the top with a cream/ yellow color. Fill the second with a dark blue.


Change the fill and opacity to 70% on both layers.


Put the yellow layer on Multiply.


Put the blue layer on Lighten.


(optional) Merge all and then open a texture on a new layer.


Set the texture layer to Multiply.


Merge all and then duplicate the layer.


Go to Levels and darken the top layer as shown.


Erase the layer in the center with a large, soft Eraser.


Merge all.


Final Result



  • Bobby
    awesome..nice combination.
  • Andrew
    Very simple tutorial! Nice one mate :p
  • Nancy
    this really very helpful and explained in a very simple way
  • David
    Will definitely give this a try
  • melina bee
    wow, I love your tutorials. thanks!
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    Such a cool tutorial, the end product is amazing dude!
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    Ah just nooticed, it lightens everything up! Thanks again!
  • fhontie
    nice, thanks for share :)
  • Kismet
    VERY cool ! i loved it!
  • ay
    hello.. kinda helping me >.< how to fill the layer with yellow pr dark blue color? thanks before :)
  • romi
    ive been searching for this effect for years, thank u so much!!
  • Cool Websites
    wow.. great tutorial
  • Tyler
    Where it says, "(optional) Merge all and then open a texture on a new layer." is where it gets confusing. How do you do that?
  • Alex Roman
    Select the layers you want to merge, and press Ctrl+E (merge shortcut). Now get a paper texture, search Google, you will find many.
  • YuShiro
    awesome!!! really inspired me a lot! just one thing, which version of PS would you recommend
  • Kiara
    wow, looks good!which program is it, to create such vintage photos?
  • Ariane
    Thanks! The photo looks good.
  • marija
    how to fill the layers with yellow and blue?
  • mia
  • Kitchen Cabinet
    Great post! I like the picture