For anyone over the age of 25 who can remember looking for jobs before forums, before Tweets, and before the Internet, it’s mind-blowing to see how far we've come. Nowadays, everyone visits job board websites since the dynamics of labor market has changed. Depending on your specific line of work, searching for jobs on line could be a great way of finding new and interesting opportunities. There are a wide variety of internet job search sites that can steer you in the right direction.

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The Internet has single-handed revolutionized the workplace, not only has it made finding the right jobs easier, but it has also contributed to the general mobility of the work force. It’s a completely different game, and one I personally think is change for the better.

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Recently one of our users asked us for a way to create a job board site in WordPress without any knowledge of HTML or PHP. In this article, we will show you how to easily create a job board in WordPress using WPJobBoard.


In the past, it was quite expensive to make a job board website, because you had to hire a hole team to work on such a project, and the time to develop a working website was fairly long. Another problem was the constant updating of the software, or you will end up with vulnerable scripts. Now it's very easy for non-savvy users to make such a site, get yourself a hosting, take the famous 5 Minute Wordpress Installation process, chose a Wordpress theme that you like, install the WP Job Board plugin and you all set!


WP Job Board is a premium feature-rich job board plugin for WordPress that allows you to build a job board website, is actually separated out into a plugin and theme. The job board can be the sole focus of the site, or maybe your prefer to be created as an add-on to an existing WordPress site. There is also a very nicely done theme that’s included with it. Either way, the existing functionality of WordPress will still be available, like the blogging capabilities and all the features that can be enabled with plugins.

You can change anything and everything by simply going with a new theme. This allows you to build a highly customisable job board using WordPress that allows you to accept, create, and post job vacancies or allowing job seekers to apply to positions listed on the site, as well as many other useful features. WP Job Board really excels is it’s customizability.

Here’s a preview of the homepage with the theme that comes packaged with the plugin, "Jobelon" is a dedicated job board theme.


Some of the features include:

  • Works with any WordPress theme
  • Complete PayPal integration
  • Flexible job browsing and searching
  • Creation and hosting of user resumes
  • Create employer and employee profiles
  • Send automatic email notifications
  • Create job alerts
  • Customisable forms for accepting job listings
  • Import jobs from other sites

Having the ability to charge companies a little extra for job-listings that’ll get more exposure is one of the best things about this plugin, it can actually make you money. The plugin allows you to setup the rules for premium vs. free job-listings very easily. You can also add the ability for job-seekers to add there resumé to the job board, again as a premium or free service. You can change the amount of days the listing will be visible and what price it should be. You can create as many free and premium types of job-listings as you want.


When it comes to setting up, the plugin is out of the box ready to go and begin accepting job postings and applications for those positions. Also, it’s a good idea to go through the settings to ensure your job board is functioning to meet your requirements.

Creating a Job Listing

Adding an job is a very clear three-step process: create, preview and finally publish. The tab order in the forms is thought through which is great for accessibility.


Those with access can create jobs from the backed via the WordPress admin area.


The job editor is very easy to use and gives you tremendous control over almost every aspect of your job-board.

Using the included theme results in a well-designed and attractive form that won’t pose any problems for your users. Once the forms has been filled, the job listing can be previewed. If the user is satisfied with the listing they can then publish it.

Managing The Jobs

Managing the jobs works in a similar way to the post manager in WordPress.



WPJobBoard can be utilized in whatever ways your imagination can take you. It was easy to setup, use and very easy to customize, you can test it yourself. The backend is kept very low-key and there’s no real telling where WordPress stops and WPJobBoard begins. While there are other “Free” services on the market the time you will waste optimizing many of them is simply not worth the frustration or “man hours” needed to operate them.


  • Jeremy Girard
    Excellent article! Really helpful and it gave me inspiration to start right away. Many thanks!
  • Ryan Hollister
    i really love wordpress, is amazing! there are so many Plugins like this that we can build websites with out knowing html css or any other programming language .
  • Eric Guess
    Great plugin, love the simplicity of it.