The variables that determine business success are continually evolving. More than ever, customers want to be able to trust businesses with which they are transacting business. This involves building a veritable business brand customers can trust.

A trustworthy brand is not a trivial concept in today's highly competitive business world. It helps keep customers and boosts the potential for getting new ones by improving the public perception of your business.

However, it requires a tremendous load of work to make it happen. Thus, it is quite the norm for businesses to engage branding agencies to take care of the details for them. No matter where you’re located, these agencies could help you achieve your goal of creating and maintaining a trustworthy brand. For instance, you just have to look for a reliable branding agency in San Diego to help you out.

how to create a trustworthy brand

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Some of what you and the branding agency should be doing to gain brand trustworthiness are discussed in this article. Read on to know what you need to do to create a trustworthy brand:

Align With Social Issues That Are Important to Your Customers

Social issues used to be too controversial to bring close to the business. However, that has changed a lot with so many brands bringing customers concerned with certain social issues with targeted campaigns. This is a logical approach seeing there is an unprecedented spike in the number of social problems in the world today.

Examples of social issues you can't afford to overlook are racism, feminism, equity, sexualism, climate change, sustainability, and political ideologies.

If your business brand is perceived unsupportive of a social topic that is pertinent to a set of people, it might lose you a fair share of existing and potential customers.

You can't afford to underestimate the power of social issues in business today because most activists are vibrant, vocal, and edgy. You don't want your business on their wrong side. However, if there is a social issue your business doesn't believe in, you should endeavor to convey the message in the most unbashful manner or maintain neutrality.

Be Truly Supportive and Respond to Customer Needs

Customer support mediums such as email, phone, chat, and physical meetings should be attended to with utmost dedication. Customers are more likely to trust a brand that attends to their complaints and make clarifications with promptness.

Other innovative ways businesses can win over the trust of customers is to take their reviews and demands seriously.

Ask customers what they think about your services and be sincere about making changes when they are not satisfied. Do you lack something customers need? Make sure you have it available on their next visit, and you can go the extra mile to notify them of such availability.

Be Forthcoming On Deals

Businesses offer discounts and deals occasionally to customers. A giving brand is deemed a trustworthy one for most people. However, you don't want them to find out too late. Thus, it is essential to ensure you keep them informed about these deals.

Also, if you are a service-based business, take clients through detailed processes on how they can make the best of available deals. Otherwise, you can guide them through ways they can minimize costs by doing business with your company.

Make Quality and Reality a Priority

It is proven that most customer purchases are emotive rather than rational. So, the chances are that if you market a pencil well enough, you might be able to sell it off as a magic pen.

However, selling off a product or service based on a wrong idea created from marketing is not so much of a win, that is if you are thinking in the long term.

A better way to earn customer trust is to emphasize the quality of your product. Ensure that the final product of a customer's purchase from you is of expected quality, not less.

Added to quality makes reality top priority as well. Trust can be fostered by harnessing both reality and quality for your business benefit.

Maintain Consistency

The process of becoming a trusted brand requires consistency. For all the excellent branding efforts you are putting in to make your brand trustworthy, you need to be consistent.

Consistency comes in terms of efforts and the elements of your branding. Whether you are working on emails, social media posts, or some other form of advertisement, you need to put them out regularly. Initially, it might seem as though you are only noting your consistency, but it sure registers with your clients as well.

The elements of your brand must be consistent with the identity of your company. These might include your logo, website, colors, message, and delivery of service. You want to make sure clients can identify your company with the slightest details possible.


Creating a trustworthy brand should be a priority for any business at this time. Business owners and their branding agencies should ensure to identify social issues that might give a business a boost.

Customer complaints, reviews, and demand should not be left unattended as it could translate to a lack of commitment for your business brand. Also, hint them about deals they can cop from your company per time.

Align your customers' heightened perception of your product with the quality they are getting. For all your branding efforts, maintain consistency and, of course, give it time to work itself out.


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