Music marketing is a relatively new trend in advertising. Of course, it has been used for quite some time, but the general public is only now coming to understand how music marketing can be used effectively in their commercial interests. This concept itself refers to the use of some type of musical content on a person's emotions, his perception of the information presented, the disposition towards the products of a particular brand, and similar manifestations.

music marketing

illustration by Tom Bekkers

Who can benefit from music marketing?

It is best to use this technology to attract the attention of consumers to such categories of entrepreneurs:

  • Businesses that do not offer any tangible items. This applies to companies in the legal field, insurance, internet providers, and cell phone operators. A unique musical background will help all of these categories of business attract more attention from people and create associative images with their offerings;
  • Those companies are already quite constrained in their marketing methods. This includes pharmacies, clinics, dentists, alcohol and tobacco product offerings, and the like. In this area, it is quite difficult to create original advertising, since both the products themselves and the government restrict it. Music can be one of the few tools that can help increase sales;
  • Music marketing is ideal for companies whose offerings are directly related to some tangible or non-tangible music products and are aimed at a relevant audience. A good example is selling electric guitars. It is clear that most potential buyers listen to rock, metal, and similar things, so advertising inserts with these elements will naturally have a strong effect on this audience.

Creating an element of music marketing, it is very important to link the singer in the ads to the brand and its products as much as possible. This will have a powerful effect on customers, creating an associative link to the products for them.

Major Musical Marketing Opportunities

The possibilities of implementing this marketing move are quite wide. These include the following:

  • Development of content for advertising using famous musicians;
  • The ability to use such advertising in the media, on the radio, and even on music TV channels;
  • Placing your brand in a clip of a famous musician;
  • Creation of entire contests and promotions, which actively use the name and creativity of a certain popular artist and for participation in which customers can receive unique prizes;
  • Use images of famous people to promote your brand. It is enough to place your product in the hands of some Jackie Chan and it will attract the attention of possibly even millions of people;
  • You can create branded discs, works of art that people only get after they buy the product.

In general, the possibilities are many. The most important thing is their competent implementation.

music marketing

illustration by by James Oconnell


In general, music marketing is a very effective action that can give good results in brand advertising. Of course, the more famous actors and musicians you have to invite, the more it will cost, but as a rule, the investment, in this case, pays for itself.


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