In the world of marketing, it is often quite difficult to come up with new ideas that will help you make your campaigns stand out from those of your rivals. After all, a lot of businesses are trying to position themselves, and it’s really difficult to be the first one to figure out something new or invent something completely unique.

The audience is fed up with poor content, sleazy jokes, irritating humor, and plagiarisms. That’s why your content needs to be fresh and valuable. But, since your content is found on your social media accounts, it needs to be even better since these networks have millions of users.

This number of social media users really gives you a nice shot at success and engagement, but it also makes it even harder to come up with something great and win over all those people.

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Fortunately, this post gives you a chance to learn something new, something that will surely help you come up with ideas for content and thus boost your social media marketing efforts.

Promote content made by your followers

When you start interacting with your audience on social media networks, you will have a chance to see their perspective of your business.

In turn, this user-generated content (comments, reviews, videos, etc.) can be used to boost your own social media marketing efforts. And, you will be building stronger relationships with your customers and leads.

To make things even better, it is proven that consumers trust content coming from an average person more than the content you push as a brand. So, this is something that you should take advantage of if you want to boost trust and gain more conversions.

When you start sharing reviews, quotes, and other user-generated content on your social media accounts, you are letting the world know that you and your coworkers aren’t the only ones who believe that your company is good. Instead, now you have proof that an average customer believes in that too.

For example, if you are selling gadgets of some kind, you could use a customer’s idea (or even a tutorial) on how to use a certain gadget to the fullest. For example, when a new iPhone is released, hundreds of people publish various tutorials on YouTube.

Of course, Apple doesn’t really need to boost its marketing efforts but imagine how effective it would be if people started sharing advice on how to use your products. Then, you can always share that content from your business’ social media accounts.

Take advantage of videos

With streaming services like YouTube hitting record numbers concerning views and engagement, it is no surprise that business videos made for social media marketing have become a thing. Not only are they fun to watch, but they also do wonders when it comes to attracting and engaging customers.

Considering how popular videos have become, you are really missing out on a great chance if you’re not using them.

For a start, you could create short, simple instructional videos for your audience. Let’s say that your company is manufacturing car parts. Wouldn’t it be great if you could film a mechanic replacing and installing the parts you sell?

That way, you are not only producing content that is easy to watch, but you are also giving your audience additional value. In other words, you are helping them for free. That will make them want to come back for more every time they see a notification from your page.

Another awesome method that helps utilize videos to the fullest is creating product videos. For example, there are various online shoe stores that film various products from all angles. So, when customers want to take a look at a pair of shoes they are interested in, they don’t need to visit the store to check it out.

Instead, they just click on a product and voila, they see a shoe filmed from all angles. Some even film a shoe on a platform that is rolling around. That way, a customer can see what the shoe looks like from all sides.

These were just some of the great examples of how social media video marketing can work in your favor. Now, it’s up to you to figure out what kind of videos suit your business best.

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‘Tag a friend’ content

You have tagged your best friend at least a few times so far in the comments of a post that you find funny or interesting in some way. And, who can blame you, really? That cat meme was way too funny not to be shared, right?

Well, now it’s time to take advantage of this. You can get quick and easy exposure through posting relatable content, and invite your followers to tag a friend that they think will like and enjoy the content.

For example, many clothing stores share photos of various clothing garments. They instruct people to tag a friend in the comments section below the photo. At a given time, administrators randomly select a comment and the person tagged in the given comment wins a certain clothing garment.

This concept is actually very simple and understandable. People like free stuff as well as an opportunity to win something. Therefore, thousands of people will comment, and that will do wonders for your exposure.

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Let's take a photo by Ewa Geruzel

Share behind-the-scene photos

People really like it when big brands share some interesting insights from the office. It doesn’t matter if it’s an Instagram Story of an event that took place by the water cooler or a photo of some kind. When you post behind-the-scenes content, you are giving a sneak peek of your company. And that is really fun.

By posting this kind of content, you are showing your audience who the people behind your brand really are, what they are like, where and how they work. This, in turn, helps you build stronger relationships with your customers and leads.

For example, a European giant Nordeus recently moved into a new office. The building looks stunning and the interior is awesome too. But, people wouldn’t know this if they hadn’t shared photos of the space on Instagram.

Many people reposted these photos, shared them with friends, and commented. As a result, this made them visible and quite popular. To be fair, they were popular before this, but this little marketing trick really did wonders for them, making quite a few headlines.

Don’t be afraid of using emojis

People love emojis. They rely on them to express their feelings, make jokes, create memes, and so on. Therefore, using emojis in your social media efforts is a must.

This is a great and effective way to engage your audience while having fun at the same time. Various studies even claim that using emojis in your posts can increase engagement. Especially if you are using them on social media platforms that are popular among younger generations, such as Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat.

So, don’t be shy to add a few emojis in your post. That can certainly help you add a little flair to your content. Also, try to be creative. Don’t be afraid that someone will not understand your humor.

Just be honest and creative, people will definitely appreciate the effort.

Final thoughts

It is obvious that the power of social media marketing has to be used if you want to become an authority in your industry.

If you haven’t started it yet, start now. Carefully consider the tips above to boost your social media marketing efforts and you will see your engagement increase in no time.


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