One of the reasons for some people's wealth is a constant tracking, regulating and optimizing their expenses and incomes. How ridiculously that wouldn't sound but the smaller budget, the more accurate control of finances is required. Because the lesser money you have, the lower amount will affect your balance on occasion of losing it.

You don't have to be an accountant to bring your finances in order. Write down your spendings, set limits for each product type and category, lay some money aside for unexpected situations. For these purposes, you can use paper, offline or online notepads but then you should create a structure and keep an accuracy by yourself. Besides, it can be tedious and not always possible to input every purchase.

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Personal finance manager is a software type that was created to simplify the budget control. These applications features allow automating and rationalizing the whole process. If you're a Mac user, check out the following apps to count each penny and not waste on this procedure every second.


The lately rebranded application has been around since 2003. The recent version has multiplied the number of banks to which this app can connect for a quick transaction analysis. Other advantages are that thanks to it you can adhere to envelop budgeting system and schedule, pay and track your bills. Multiple instruments allow monitoring and examining your purchases, and the private synchronization assures a backup and security of your data. However periodically appear problems with a summary accuracy and report downloads. The app is available at Mac App Store.


This software allows tracking everything from groceries to your rent. Any entries data, as well as statistical reports, can be easily adjusted for user needs. It can remind to pay the bills and organize them according to your current savings. The app will help to plan the budget easier and forecast your spendings for the chosen period. It's a convenient online banking assistant with PIN security system. The disadvantages are the lack of the stable performance on some devices and the absence of the profit analysis function.

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This free multi-language application allows quickly creating transactions and even linking them to the specific location. Provided reports are beautiful and straightforward and can be sync on different devices and shared with other users, which is convenient for families. Scanning financial documents, tagging and importing/exporting transactions, printing and creating PDF files of the records and many others are the features of the software. The downside that it's not possible to demand reports for each banking account separately. The app can be downloaded at App Store.


It's a user-friendly software that makes online banking, bill payment, account management, budgeting and investment tracking in many currencies simpler. The account register that looks like a checkbook one allows organizing and automatically sorting all the transactions. Graphical tools transform your records into more representative reports. But the absence of iCloud sync can be a handful in some situations. The app can be found at Mac Store.


This popular software provides the secure import and backup of your banking information using robust 128-bit and 256-bit encryption. It can separate your business expenses from the personal ones and monitor the income, profit, and loss of both types. It allows creating your invoices and custom reports for easier tax calculation. Features like bill payments, investments tracking and other analysis tools will help to control and plan future purchases. The app has three different subscription plans that very vary in prices and even essential functions. All versions are available on the official website.

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To find the best suitable desktop finance manager you need to prioritize what features and aspects are the most significant for you. If you plan to track your business expenses, the security and accuracy should be on top of your list. If you try to set in order your family budget, transaction categorizing, synchronizing, and sharing the records with other users will come in handy. The majority of software offer a trial period. Get it to explore the app peculiarities, weigh up pros and cons and come to a deliberated decision.

Use personal finance software to balance your funds and be more independent in your actions.


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