In today’s social-oriented digital world, video is king. Influencers create endless video content for YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter - you name it. Thanks to Adobe’s cloud-based subscription, video editing has become more accessible than ever before, but they’ve stepped it up even further with the introduction of Premiere Rush. Premiere Rush is an all-in-one video content creation platform specifically designed for creating online videos and publishing to social media directly from the app.

How Premiere Rush Can Speed Up Your Workflows

There are several reasons why this can speed up your workflow. The steep learning curves of After Effects and Premiere Pro mean the more advanced features tend to lie in the hands of experienced, professional designers. And for most short-form online content that people watch on mobile during their commute, these options aren’t always necessary.

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Premiere Rush strips everything back and simplifies its title design, color grading, editing, and audio controls. Possibly the biggest difference between that and Premiere Pro is the ability to work directly from your mobile, and thanks to project syncing jump straight onto your laptop to finish it off.

What Type of Videos Can You Create?

Adobe recommends Premiere Rush to anyone making video content for online, under 20 minutes in duration. This makes it perfect for YouTubers and Instagram influencers creating weekly video blogs who need to get their content out regularly and quickly. It’s also ideal for travel videos, student films, or simply bringing your home videos to life. With high-quality video cameras embedded into every mobile device, more and more minutes of people’s lives are being captured for either memories later down the line or sharing on places like Instagram Stories. Premiere Rush will step these videos up to a much higher quality.


Tapping into the ‘always-on, mobile-ready’ generation, Premiere Rush can be used directly on a mobile device. Capture a video then jump straight into the edit to refine cuts, add some titles and transitions, then publish directly to your chosen social media platform.

Or if you want to refine it even further, make a start with the edit on mobile then switch to your desktop or laptop when you get home and open the project with Premiere Rush’s constant project syncing feature. No need to email yourself project files anymore.

How Much Does it Cost?

Premiere Rush is included in the full Adobe Creative Suite or part of the one-off Premiere Pro package. With no one-time purchase for software, Adobe’s subscription model is an affordable way to start creating content right away.

Premiere Rush costs $9.99, $19.99, or $29.99 per month for individuals, teams, and enterprise customers, respectively. The package also includes 100 GB of Creative Cloud storage and users can upgrade to 10 TB if they struggle with that amount.

Who is Premiere Rush best for?

Filmmakers from all backgrounds can get a lot of out of Premiere Rush. Whether it’s casual filmmakers who want to step up their Instagram game for their small business, vloggers earning a living from YouTube, or professional filmmakers who want to speed up their editing workflow and add another tool to their bag of tricks, Premiere Rush is way more than an update to an existing piece of software. It’s an entirely new way of editing.

The simplified way of doing things makes it an extremely accessible yet versatile tool for inexperienced editors.

Editing Capabilities

Above all, Premiere Rush is an all-in-one editing platform for filmmakers lacking the skills or the interest to work in Premiere Pro. The magic of project customization comes from the use of editable motion graphics templates and the integration of assets from Adobe Stock.

Its most powerful features are what set it aside from Premiere Pro as a tool for casual content creators and digital media filmmakers.

Workflow Tips to Edit Faster

Premiere Rush - yes, it’s in the name - is all about speed. Rush is not designed for editors of high-end fashion films to be sitting there encoding proxies of 4K footage or agonizing over every frame of every cut. The way the software is designed, built and marketed is all about catering for filmmakers who just want to capture, edit, and get the content out there online.

To speed up your workflow, make full use of the auto-ducking feature. Unlike Premiere Pro, there is no need to manually adjust keyframes to create the perfect balance of music and dialogue. Rush will sound mix your project for you, automatically adjusting the levels of dialogue and music when they’re on top of each other to prevent them from competing.

Don’t mess around in After Effects creating complex title designs. Just upload your favorite Motion Graphics Templates, tweak the text and the colors, drag and drop onto the timeline and boom - instant, slick, professional title designs. These templates can also be used in Premiere Pro, making it easy for editors to jump from one tool to another without having to dramatically change their workflow. You can open Premiere Rush files in Premiere Pro, so explore sites like Motion Array to find Premiere Pro tutorials, news, and templates to help you make the most of the tools available.

Jump into either the desktop or the mobile app and pick an export preset that suits your favorite social channel, then share the video directly to that platform. No need to hang around waiting for renders and exports, no need for a complex media management system - Rush is built for minimal amends to get your content out of your device and in front of audiences as soon as possible.

So, are you filming the trip of a lifetime with your friends? Dying to share it before you’re even home? Or maybe showing off some new products you’ve just brought into your small business's store. Whatever your content, whatever your promotion, get onto Premiere Rush and speed up your workflow without compromising on quality.


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