No web designer should ever have to sacrifice the things that make her/his client websites great: the hand-picked widgets and plugins. Quick loading time is now an industry standard. Secure it in 2015 with a powerful WordPress theme.

Some say X is the ultimate WordPress theme. We agree.

If versatility is one of the decisive factors when choosing your theme (and it is), take a close look at the Stacks from X Theme. You are at liberty to customize any of four distinct designs. Create imposing business websites with Integrity, and one-of-a-kind product or app presentations with the expert in flat design: Renew. Icon complements content heavy blogs with a minimal and modern look. Lastly, let Ethos put the visual content of magazine websites in the limelight.

Your Most Powerful Theme Yet


X Theme is responsive and retina-ready. It’s 100% fluid and based on clean code. Build pages with the simple customizer, and take in the changes through a live preview. See how you like the unlimited styling and unlimited sidebars. Not to mention, the extremely helpful set of extensions.

Use premium WordPress plugins to empower your websites with various functionality. No less than 15 extensions have been added by They are adapted from third-party sources, as well as custom-made extensions. And if you need to ask something, don’t hold back. Reach out to the world-class customer support.

“This is an excellent Theme, but beyond that, Themeco’s customer support is by far the absolute best I have ever experienced via an internet based business. They are quick and sure to respond!” “If you are very serious about blogging and want to make it very big in the future, then I suggest you start using X for your blog. It will not only give you freedom like SEO, speed, and design, but you will always feel proud to have the world’s best theme/framework running behind your blog.”

What You Can Do With Extensions


It makes no difference if you're setting up a blog, a portfolio, or a business website. In the end, we all want those websites to see a lot of incoming traffic. For that purpose, the wise thing to do is co-opt certain plugins that best fit your situation.

Some plugins are very effective for marketing purposes. Customize a flashy form so that users feel inclined to subscribe to your e-mailing list. That’s an easy thing to do with the MailChimp Integration from X Theme.

Video marketing is another priceless conversion tool. Present offers on your website with Video Lock. Set a delay for the video, so it appears at the perfect moment; maybe your users have to go through a few lines of text, first. Also, know that the video is responsive, and you can set its exact width. Remember to add compelling captions in heading and subheading, and don’t forget the most important part - insert a call to action button just below the video, so users can take you up on that offer!


Care for a more subtle means to advance marketing or content suggestions? You've got it. Let a small content box slide in lateral view as your users scroll down. If they just finished reading a blog post, then suggest related or recent posts. Use text, images, shortcodes, and links. Your shortcode for this occasion is [recent posts]. Then again, you can also use the Content Dock to encourage your users to subscribe, or to inform them about a deal.

Converting visitors into customers is one thing. Securing their continuous partnership is another. If your website is selling products or services, then it absolutely must have dependable support to go with them. Sign up for an Olark account, and enlist the Olark Integration to solve your customers’ issues.

We barely scratched the surface of what’s possible with the plugins from X Theme. There are more, equally useful extensions. Smooth Scroll, Custom 404, Disqus Comments, Facebook Comments, Under Construction, Slider Revolution, and Soliloquy enhance user experience. Others, like Terms of Use and Google Analytics, are necessary for your website’s well being. A third category caters for designers’ creative process and brand identity (Visual Composer, White Label).

See three extensions in action, below:

Content Dock

4-ubercool_content dock

Facebook Comments

5-ubercool_facebook comments

Slider Revolution

6-ubercool_slider revolution

How Much Performance You Get Out Of X Theme

There’s no way you have to give up on vital plugins, when you're working with X Theme. The very idea of “heavy” plugins is out of the question. Extensions are WordPress plugins engineered to make your website pages load fast. That goes for’s custom-made extensions, as well as for third-party adaptations. Do you find that hard to believe?

Why do you think X Theme has been a bestseller on ThemeForest for over a year now? It sold more than 38K copies, and continues to grow more popular by the day. High performance is one of the reasons, and X has a penchant for it.

Back when version 2.2.0 was out, made a little experiment. They stored and fetched settings to and from the database, using the Theme Modification API. Then, they did the same in the Customizer, using the Options API. As it turned out, every setting was stored as an individual row in the database. So, the load time improved by 81% in the Customizer, and by 31% in front office. This is important, because for the average end users, every millisecond of waiting means one step closer to closing that browser tab.


Start Working With X Theme

That’s not a piece of advice. It’s the natural conclusion that you ought to have reached, by now. It’s what the little voice at the back of your head has been telling you for the last few minutes. Well, if there ever was a time to trust your gut instincts, that time is now. You won't find a theme that serves you better than X. It’s the pioneer of a new generation of WordPress themes: “featuristic” and powerful to the core!



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