Ever wondered what is the future of the web design industry? The web design industry is rapidly changing, and the evolution of website builders and how web designers are managing their projects from start to finish. Would website creation be led by non-professional amateurs and hobbyists using DIY solutions? What role would professional designers play in this evolving market? At one point, the web design industry was primarily the domain of professional designers and developers trying to work together. This new era of the DIY website builders has opened the door for amateurs or non-professionals to attempt their hand at creating and publishing websites. This allows them to save on both time and money, as they no longer require a developer.

This fantastic infographic below portrays the role of professionals vs. amateurs in the current web design market, and will also explain where all the money gets spent, as well as where businesses are succeeding and failing. You will get an idea of what the industry looks like today and what possibilities the future might hold.

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Web Design Industry Analysis


  • Jenna Smith
    It is not bad to use some tools in building your website. But I still prefer to get my professional web designer and web developer. Because I want a unique design, format and look of my website.
  • Oskar Dahlberg
    Love the illustrations on this.
  • Tom
    Great list. Love infographics! Thank you for sharing.
  • Tom Durkin
    Great infograph, thanks for sharing! :)