Designers everywhere are getting their perspectives on the new Google+ logo.

Google+ became fastest growing social network in history, so we browsed and visited the best free icon sites to find the most unique and creative Google+ icons (and other stuff related) to make a really interesting showcase.

Here are 50 beautiful crafted examples of custom Google+ icons. Enjoy!

1. CardFlick Icon Test

2. Google Plus(+) Circular Icon Set

3. Matthew Martin


4. Housseynou Fall


5. Matt Sellers

6. Google+ Buttons

7. Google+ Minik Icons

8. Google icons icon pack

9. Martin LeBlanc

10. Aaron Moody

11. Alvin Thong


12. Alex Patrascu


13. Adrien Rochet


14. Google+

15. Google Connect

16. Jian Wei


17. Jack Rugile


18. Matt Gentile


19. Steffi Rakotozafy


20. Sean McCabe

boldpersp 300x106

21. Sandeep Prabhakaran


22. Tobias van Schneider

23. Ollin

24. Mathieu Brg

25. Daniel Sandvik

26. Steffi Rakotozafy

27. Google+ Icon (16px)

28. Jason Chieng

29. Google+ iPad

30. Google+ Icon

31. Google Plus

32. Google+ Icon Set

33. Google+ PSD Icons

34. Google+ [PSD Freebie]

35. Chrome, Plus & Maps

36. Google Plus Button

37. Google+ Icons Black and White

38. Google Plus

39. Plus

40. My take on Google+

41. Google+ Social Media Icon

42. Small social icons and Apple

43. Google Plus Notifications

44. Social Gems PSD

45. Joined the club

46. GSIX Corp, Inc. +

47. Sign In With Google

48. Google+ social icon

49. Social Icons

50. Share

What do you think? There are so nice right? Get it now and put on your sites. Make your circle grow up. You are most welcome to suggest any additions to this list. You can use the comments box below to make any suggestions.


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