Any business owner with a website can attest to the fact that keeping it relevant, effective, and acting as a fabulous marketing tool isn’t a simple process. Rather, it’s an on-going effort that never seems to end. It can feel as though it gets harder and harder to crack the code of search engines and get that high-ranking spot on the results page, thereby attract visitors not just to your website but to your business in general. Looking for ways to get an edge on the competition is always a top priority, of course, which is where Google Beacon can come in handy.

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While still relatively new, Google Beacon is being used in a number of businesses and cities and is meant to help with your local digital marketing campaign. Let’s take a closer look at what Google Beacon is, and how you can be taking advantage of its functions.

What is Google Beacon?

Google Beacon is a small device that is shaped like a rock. It uses Bluetooth low energy software called Google Eddystone. This works by giving users a more direct proximity and location experience, which is imperative for local businesses looking to increase their client base.

The beacons were created to be user-friendly, so there is no need to fuss with them. You simply take it out of the box, do some simple coding, and then place it where you want. The beacon will then send and even receive information from smartphones that are located near the actual device.

With Google Project Beacon, a number of businesses were selected to use these devices and give them a test run. If you weren’t one of the businesses selected to try one out, you can still apply to get one. Keep in mind that Google does have a list of criteria you have to meet in order to get one of the devices sent to you.

Create Apps that Work with the Beacon Network

So, whether your company has decided to go ahead and get a beacon or not, you can go ahead and take advantage of what it offers. One tip that businesses are finding useful is to create an app that actually works with the beacon network in their area. This means writing the code in CocoaPod for iOS or Android Studio for Android devices. The beacon will then be able to work with the app, which benefits not just you but also local customers that will be given local information.

Conversion Tracking is Streamlined

Another way the beacon can help is with your conversion tracking. Because the beacon picks up very advanced data from peoples' phones, you'll be able to see if a person entered your company after reading about you on social media or clicking on an ad. This gives insight into how well your efforts are working.

A Look at the Future

The Google Beacon is more than just a look at what the future has to offer, it is, in fact, a technology that is here, ready to be used, and benefited from today.


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