As many of you may know, I’m a huge Dribbble fan. Dribbble is an exclusive community of amazingly creative people. I post my work there several times per week, to get advice, and to show off. 90% of my clients this year found me through Dribbble, one of which has turned to a full time job, on the other side of the world! All I can say is that if you’re a designer, trust me, you wanna be there.

Many people ask what Dribbble is and I say it's like Twitter for designers. Basically you post 400 x 300px images of whatever you are working on. It's like sneak peaks on steroids and the quality of work and inspiration is honestly second to none.

Win a Dribbble invitation!

This invitation is going to go down to quality work. I don’t want to invite users who I don’t think meet the standards. To be in for a chance, you just need to complete the steps below.

To participate you need to:

The following invites are like gold dust, so you need to do all of the following to be entered.

1. Make a comment on this post saying why you want to be a part of Dribbble. Include a link to one 400 x 300 px shot to show what you would be posting on Dribbble. Multiples entries are permitted.

2. Send a Tweet that says (copy exactly):

Dribbble Invite Giveaway: @icanbecreative offers 6 Dribbble Invites. Tweet to enter the contest.

3. Follow us on Twitter because that’s where I’ll announce the winner.

I will decide who gets the invites in two weeks or so, my invites will go to the designers with the best shots. Good luck!


  • Baz Deas
    I want to be a part of Dribbble so I be among fellow talented designers and to show off my UI / UX work. My shot:
  • Ryan O. Hicks
    Crap .. i forgot i had hot linking enable on my server. ^^ Here is my shot or you can edit my comment to put this link in there ...
  • henrymaxm I would love to part of Dribbble because I want to share my art and designs with other talented people around the world. Also hear their response and learn more everyday. Thank you for the giveaway.
  • Chris I would like to have a dribbble account to share my stuff, to get feedback for my work, become a part of a comunity from which I could learn. I hope this is enough for dirbbble! Greetings from Graz / Austria Chris
  • Markus Schober
    I love Dribbble - it is great for inspiration. I would love to be a part of Dribbble. My shot, a Part of a Webinterface.
  • Justin Palmer
  • alex
    It would be awesome to be on Dribbble, where all great designers are. My 300x400 shot is and other work at
  • Exileinblonde
    Hello, I have been a fan of Dribbble for quite some time now. I have been vying for the attention of a Pro-Dribbblr to look kindly upon me. I specialize in website design, graphic design, clothing design and digital art. My angst and excitement to become a member of the Dribbble community lies in being given the ability to learn and becoming universally better at everything I do. I intend to be very, very active on Dribbble and would kill for this opportunity/invite. Thank you for offering it up! My shot: My Dribbble: My Website: and
  • Andy Baltes
    I would love t be part of the Dribbble community. There is so much inspiration there and I would love to give back to that. Plus the comradery is second to none. So many great designers there. My Shot, practicing some button states:
  • NERISSON Dribble is for me a good platform because to Create/Share/Comment are the good way to increase our level in design ▲ So yes, I want to be a player on Dribbble (sorry for my bad english)
  • Pete Castillo
    I would love t be part of the Dribbble community, and have the chance to have my worked commented on by such talented designers. Thank you for this opportunity.
  • Manshook
    Hello! I make 3d and motion design, but there are not enough such kind of shots on Dribble, so I dream about fixing it :) Here is the link of my shot:
  • Gordey
    I am watching Dribble for a long time. I am sure that meeting new friends and coworkers among designers is the best thing Dribble can give me. Dreaming about this I do icons, logos, brand identity and other stuff. Here is my shot:
  • Joseph Calvo
    Dribbble is the premier website for quality design feedback and inspiration. As a dribbble player I will not only be apart of a great community of designers, but I will also be able to increase the exposure of my work by a substantial amount. Here is a link to some examples of my shots.
  • Dimitree
    Dribble rocks!
  • inspirationfeed
    Awesome giveaway, good luck to all the prospects!
  • Jessie
    Link to my portfolio: Tweeted here: For years now I have cultivated my artistic awareness and technical skill in the realm of graphic design. Nevertheless I still have a tremendous amount to learn, and I can think of no better place for that to happen than in a community of skilled people whose passion for art and design rivals mine. I hope you can help me make this happen, and I look forward to your reply.

 Thank you for your time and this opportunity.
  • druqx
    I badly need a dribble invite to make myself registered as good designer. : ) druqx | ADDICTED TO DESIGN
  • Rafael Calumby
    Basically, I want to be one of the first brazilian designers on dribbble, and show that there are so many talented designers here by gradually inviting others. Here are my shots:
  • Thai Lam
    I am a front-end web designer and UI designer. Please invite me to dribbble because my works are great ! ^^ this is some shots about my current project
  • Ashish Eben
    I have gr8 interest in designing graphic artwork & even appreciate others artwork. as I want to get inspired more from different types of artworks.If I get the chance to be between those artists it will be true help to me My 1st WP in >
  • Denise
    My Shots: It would be an honor to be apart of the Dribbble community to share with/inspire other players and spectators. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to all entering. :)
  • Rémy B
    Hello world I would like an invitation dribbble to have professional advice, the possibility to react with a passion for the business. My twitter account : @remwks My shot for this contest : Good luck all :D R.
  • Jake Culp
    Hey Alex, I would like to join Dribbble because I think it is a unique community that can provide a lot of insight into my designs and help me critique them and so I can provide the best quality content to future clients. Here is my Dribbble Shot: And if you want to look at my other designs, feel free to check it out: Here is my Tweet about the contest as well:!/JakeCulp/status/102096660766785536 Have a good day!
  • Matt Lackey
    The San Diego UX industry is over looked. Trying to spread the dribbble down here. twitter - @onemorematt 1. 2. 3.
  • Simone Marcarino
    Hi! I’m a WebDesigner and Front-End Developer from Italy. I absolutely love extreme clean, very detailed and pixel perfection graphic and webdesign. Dribbble is much more than this and I could fall in love of other wonderful things. Dribbble shots: Dribbble particular of shot: Dribbble profile: Forrst profile: Twitter profile:!/simonemarcarino Thanks for the opportunity!!
  • Sayid
    I’d love to get an invite this time round, as dribbble would offer me a great opportunity to get feedback on my work, to develop myself as a designer, and also allow me to share my own constructive feedback with other users to help them with their own professional development. shots 1 2 tweet!/typhoonSaid
  • George Lewis-Jones
    Hi, There are many reasons why I want to join dribble, but the main reason is because I want my work to be seen by people from all over, so that I can learn from their feedback, gain a better understanding for my field and be a better designer. Dribble Shots:
  • Jeff
    I want to be a part of dribbble!!! My shot:
  • Rafael John
    shots: my profile: Hi, I hope this opportunity helps me get a dribble invite, as I know I have lots to offer to the dribbble community, and also get some nice feedbacks in return. Cheers!!^^
  • Jessie
    Please take me out of the running. I had applied before but got an invite. Thanks for the opportunity and good luck to everyone.
  • Fresh
    i want to be part of dribbble to get feedback from very experienced designers for my daily work. my dribble: my shot: my twitter:
  • Exileinblonde
    Hello. I just wanted to give a quick update since I applied for this invite. I was fortunate enough to be recently invited to join the Dribbble community, so you can remove me from the considerations. Thanks so much!
  • Ian
    Hello, I am 21 year old web/graphic designer with 6+ years experience. I have always been very interested in the dribble community!! Unfortunately i have not networked with any designers who are members of Dribble. To be able to participate would be a fantastic opportunity! I am a true lover of art and think I could bring alot to the community. I need another outlet for my design work and looking for a more solid community to participate in. Anyways I would LOVE an invite if at all possible! Please and Thank you. -Ian S. Sorry for using imageshack lol -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You can contact me any time at (Veg1232[@] Thnx!!!
  • Alex Marin
    Sorry for the double post, noticed now that my first link was broken. First shot is actually here :
  • Rafael Marques
    Really great oportunity for designers. My shot:
  • Ritesh Ranjan
    I would like to have a dribbble account to share my stuff, to get feedback for my work, become a part fellow talented UI / UX designers and to learn from them My shot:
  • Nabliker
    If I be a part of dribbble I finally finished my personal site :-)
  • Jelke Smit
    Hello, I would love it to win that invite for Dribbble, because I can show some of my skills to the community of Dribbble. But also get feedback no my work to improve it even more and get better in what I love the most: Designing. 400 x 300 Shot: Dribbble Account: Portfolio: (still under construction so you can take a look at my Forrst Account:
  • Antonio Wilson
    I would like to have a dribbble account to share my stuff and get feedback about my work
  • Igor
    Here is my profile: Shot 1: Shot 2: And here is the link to my gallery: Why do I want to be on Dribbble? Well, I have a great passion for graphic design and Dribbble will give me the ability to showcase my work and get constructive feedback that will help me to develop and grow in graphic design and of the sort. I also want to get acquainted with fellow designers and people that share my interest, I see Dribbble as a launchpad for my career and I want to use it to build myself up, hopefully through this, graphic design will no longer be just a hobby, hopefully I can take it further than that. Thanks a lot for taking the time to do this for us, best of luck to everyone!
  • haim ifrah
    dribbble is the best place to share ideas with talented artist and it also very good place for inspiration. this is an image of an iphone game splash screen: and this is an iphone icon i created: good luck to every one! Haim.
  • Joseph
    I would love to be able to show my works in progress to the design community so I can gain their feedback and critiques, thus making my designs, and my ability stronger and more creative for my clients. Also, to make the world a prettier place.
  • Joseph
    I want to be able to post my works in progress to receive comments to help me grow as a designer. I want to make the world a prettier place.
  • web design chennai
    I would like to join dribble.
  • Curtis
    Hi Alex. I think dribbble is one of the best things to happen to the online design community in a long time! I think it has completely changed the landscape an brought the community as a whole together and I would love to be a part of it. Cheers.
  • AJ Cobos
    I want to be part of dribbble because its a high end designer community in which I can give and receive trustworth feedback and advise from top designers in the worlwide market without having to see pictures of lovely cats. This is an example of what id post on dribbble Regards
  • Denise
    Another shot:
  • Muneef
    Hi, I badly want a dribble account.
  • Timber
    Would appreciate an invite! 400x300 Extras Cheers!
  • John Dozier
    I would love to be able give and receive feedback amongst top-notch designers. Here is a shot of a project im working on:
  • Marcilhacy Florent
    Hi there, here is a link of my folio:!work feel free have a look. Logos: Tees Illus etc... tchek out my folio !
  • mhomer
    I want to be part of dribble because: I love design and designing. I want to compete, to develop, to share. First Shot: Thanks :)
  • Quin Robinson
    I want to be a part dribbble to creatively inspire other and to challenge myself as a designer.
  • Delano Limoen
    I want to join Dribble because i think my work creates a extra dimension and a new look and is exceptional in the world of art. Aspire to Inspire;) Twitter:!/rcktrart Portfolio: Shot: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    I want to join dribbble because I can get feedback for my drafts and work there. My shot:
  • John
    I want to be a part of Dribbble because of the high standards and great creatively that is produced from great designers in the world. I would also love to get some great feedback for designs and ideas. An example
  • Ivan Afandi
    Hey A.. I’m ivan, i think dribbble is a great place to share.. by the waym just give me that ball.. :)) Twitter User Name : @AfandiIvan For dribbble shot : My portfolio : Thanx man.. Adios!
  • dhirenadesara
    Hello Alex, I’m Dhiren Adesara and I’m Freelancer - Web & UI designer living in Rajkot, Gujarat, India. I am actively searching dribbble invite visit my website about page you can find dribbble invite wanted link visit website : Shot 1 : I am featured on creatica link : Please visit my freebies webpage: Thanks, Dhiren Adesara
  • Arkar
    For Play In :) 1. 2. 3.
  • Stephen Gillis
    Dribble is the shit :)
  • Brian Pelsoh
    I want to play with the cool kids! My shot: My portfolio: Cheers!
  • Julien Rodrigues
    Game on! Here is a first shot : Good luck everyone
  • Dennis Gecaj
    Hi, Dribble is like hometown for designers. I just want to go home :) Shots:
  • Aleksandra
    here is a shot and site I have no portfolio, because this is my first site)
  • Dan
    I want to contribute to dribbble. Dribbble: Shot 1: Shot 2:
  • Luca
    Hi Mate! Absolutely love Dribble... follow it everyday, every minute :) Please make my dream come true
  • Dan Reis
    Hey, I am a graduating design student looking to get my work out! Thanks, Dan
  • Daniel
    Hi! I would like you to think all that it cost you to be ‘player’, well, not much time is behind it, I took 2 years, and it is proving impossible, I have been ready to give up hundreds of times, but the craving to enter the best graphics currently existing portfolio gives me wings to keep trying, I think being a designer in Spain and not have a guild of creative behind the work becomes more complicated. Here’s my shot: And my twitter is: @dani_cabello The only part I can say … Thanks for the opportunity !!!!! Hugs and I hope your answer PS: Sorry for my English:)
  • stasura
    I want to join dribbble because its awesome!!! Shot: Portfolio:
  • Hemant
  • Lukas Andrew Müller
    Hello, my name is Lukas Andrew Müller, and I am a new Web Designer. Why i join here? because I want to show my work on the internets most professional portfolio/gallery/show-work Website. Dribbble, is good as a social network as well. My work, I have done:
  • James Turner
    Hey, Alex If I were to be a part of Dribbble, I feel I would be able to contribute massively to the community, not only in terms of submitting my pieces of work but by meeting and interacting with other designers from around the world, being able to give tips and also learn and develop my own skills. Link to shot: Dribbble:
  • Matt Griffin
    Hi Alex I want to join Dribbble because I feel I can add a lot to the community because I am great web designer and developer and a very active member of the community. I love design and have a particular obsession with typography. I am already a member of Forrst ( and contribute regularly on both design and development issues. In fact I am in the 96th percentile of top and active members. I was invited to Forrst because of the quality of my work by Bill Harkins, who already follows me on my dribbble prospect page at Here are 2 400x300pics and a link to my website. And my website is at: p.s. Thanks for taking the time to run this comp!
  • Milton Bolonha
    Hello ! Portfolio: 1º shot: 2º shot: 3º shot: 4º shot: tks !
  • chindden
    Hi,thanks for the chance! my portfolio:
  • Bernhard Poppe
    I am Bernhard Poppe, I am 16 years old and I am from Vienna! I am really interested in graphic design, and I am on the "Graphischen", one of the biggest multimedia-schools of europe! One of my biggest wishes would be to be a "player" on dribbble to get some feedback! One of my work:
  • Matt Griffin
    Hi Alex I want to join Dribbble because I feel I can add a lot to the community because I am great web designer and developer and a very active member of the community. I love design and have a particular obsession with typography. I am already a member of Forrst ( and contribute regularly on both design and development issues. In fact I am in the 98th percentile of top and active members. I was invited to Forrst because of the quality of my work by Bill Harkins, who already follows me on my dribbble prospect page at Here are 2 400x300pics and a link to my website. And my website is at: p.s. Thanks for taking the time to run this comp!
  • Sean Geraghty
    Hi, My name is Sean Geraghty and I am a seventeen year old designer from a small village named Henham in the UK. You can find an example Dribbble shot over at: Thanks for taking the time to view this! Good luck to everyone! Sean
  • wassim
    I need an invite : my work : account :
  • Lukas Andrew Müller
    Hello, my name is Lukas Andrew Müller, and I am a new Web Designer. Why i join here? because I want to show my work on the internets most professional portfolio/gallery/show-work Website. Dribbble, is good as a social network as well. My work, I have done:
  • Tyler Somers
    Hi, I really want to join Dribbble, like many others. I know my work is not completely there, but it will be. I am currently at the top of my class of second year designers, and I know I will get even better. If I receive an invite from you, I promise to not misuse it. I have seen too many designers neglect their accounts, and I will not make the same mistake. I would like to make it my responsibility to post only the best of my work that will get the most attention for both me and you. Thank you for the opportunity. Here is my shot -
  • Bojana Cakic
    When I was a little girl, I always dreamed to be invited to a magical place called Dribbble! There I would meet some wonderful people who would inspire me to design better and better every second! Oh, here is my shot:
  • Sean Roller
    Enjoy some dutch fries!
  • Lynne
    I am so excited! Here is the link to my child themes for the Genesis framework - soon to be released!
  • Jones Merc
    _________________ Short and neat: _________________ My Shots: My Portfolio (a lot more in the pipeline):
  • Ramon Nakamura I want to be on Dribbble cause it’s the best place to stay update and be inspired.
  • Staer
    Shot: Portfolio: Dribbble account:
  • Slava
    Hello I really want to get into a community of designers Dribbble. This is a place of inspiration for my work.
  • Ion Turcanu
    Hey. This is my shot for the Dribble Invite Giveaway:
  • Z-13
    I really want to join Dribbble. I have long been registered on the site but as PROSPECT. I create designs for applications and games and would like to share them and get skilled comment. Shot #1: Shot #2: Thank you.
  • Charlie Ordonez
    Web designer / developer from Florida. Website: Shots: Would love an invite, thanks for the oportunity!
  • Joseph Tufo
    Hi, my name is Joseph Tufo. I am a web ui designer from Boston, MA. Dribbble is fantastic, I use it for inspiration all the time. I would love to be able to contribute and give hopefully people can use my work as inspiration for their next project. Twitter: @josephtufo Shots:
  • Robert
    The reason i want to be on dribbble, is that i can get feedback on my works, and provide feedback on others. Examples of work that i will be posting on dribbble: - Robert
  • Kurt
    Some of the best work comes from the process and not too many people get to see it! 1) 2) 3) 4)
  • Sandyсat
    Hello. I want to get on dribbble, to get feedback on my work, and also, to get a charge of incredible inspiration. Shot: Portfolio: Account:
  • Sean Hendrickson
    I would love to be invited to dribbble. I have such a passion for design and as a prospect, I am already addicted to the site. Here are my prospective dribbble shots:
  • Jacob Roman
    Hey guys, I am a web design from Flint, MI and would love an invite from you guys. Below are some links to some example shots. Looking forward to hearing from you guys. Thanks for taking the time to look at these.
  • Esteban Quintero
    Hi! I´m a Graphic Designer from Colombia and i really need this dribblel´s invitation, this is a great opportunity to share my work and gain experience, Here´s an little example of my work: Dribble account:
  • Hannah
    PICK ME!!!!!! that might have got me slightly noticed....maybe not! Howdy my name is Hannah, I am a uk based designer and I am a huge lover of dribbble but looking for the illusive invitation to become part of such a brilliant creative network. Would give me a great chance to get other designers thoughts on my work and to help influence other designers. p.s will create a truely lovely thank you dribble message once i do get the invite! twitter @hannahfaulknerr
  • Seham Syed
    I have always been inspired by great designers on Dribbble and all over the internet. The main reason i want to be a part and to showcase my work is to get feedback, comments and critics from great designers of kindly view my artwork Thanks,
  • Shalin Shah
    Hello, Thanks soooo much for giving away these invites! I want to use dribbble to showcase my work and get advise from other awesome designers! Here is my shot: Hope you like it... My Website is And here is my dribbble account:
  • Luke Wakula
    Lots of comments huh? Hard to choose one right? Now look @ our work: and visit the website We are young and talented. We need it to live.
  • Pierre Henrion
    Hello, My name is Pierre Henrion and I’m a belgian webdesigner & front-end developer. First of all, I juste wanted to thank you for the dribbble invite giveaway. I’d really love to take part of this community for many reasons, such as posting a selection of my best works and also getting advices from professionals. Here is some of my potential “shots” : - - - Thank you for your consideration, Pierre Henrion
  • abhishek gupta
    The reason i want to be on dribbble, is that i can get feedback on my works, and provide feedback on others. my work :
  • heritagei
    here you see.
  • Saket Jajodia
    Any1 with dribble invite and can share 1 with me?? Here you can see some of our works:
  • Irina
    Buna:). Niste shots
  • D. Moore
    My name D. Moore, I’m a freelance designer. Much appreciation to you for on dribbble invite giveaway. I’ve been trying to get drafted and would really love to be apart of the dribble team, so many inspiring works of art and a strong since of respect among designers. Even more so I would love to be a part of that because I strongly feel that I have great work to share and potential to grow with the amazing players on dribbble, and as a quote I made a live by says "We should aspire to inspire inspiration." and as the players already inspire myself and many others I want to inspire others as well. That is why I want to be drafted. Prospect: Shots:
  • Nolwenn
    Hi, I am a web and print designer from France and I would love an invite to dribbble. Below are links to some example shots. I hope to hear from you very soon. Thanks you. Shots : Twitter : @tryptyk Account :
  • Josh Read
    Would love to get creative critiques via dribbble. Shot: Dribbble Prospect username: ainsworthstudio
  • Emilie Wyqued
    I would love love love to be drafted! my portfolio is at and my prospect ID is AmpersandWeb
  • Lola Azcoytia I hope I get the white Duke invitation
  • Cole Townsend
    Here is my shot! and my prospect link: Thank you so much for this opportunity.
  • hussein
    hello i want to improve my skills in design and get more inspiration from other expert designers in community, and get comments on my works to improve it my shot my dribbble account
  • Juan Carlos
    Hi Alex, we need an invitation to promote our work. Once of our works are for an app that help children with cancer: Dribbble: daimonrollin Kind Regards, J. Carlos
  • Karacas
    I love pixels! Dribble account: Twitter: Tnx!
  • Laurentiu Jonas
    Regards! For start I would like to thanks for this opportunity given to all designers that wish to make new friends,share,rate,suggest and showoff their creations. My name is Laurentiu Jonas Interface Designer (app and web) , lately with a very big passion for building iphone ui applications. I would really like to share my work with others fellows or future fellows, to get constructive comments and also rate their work from professionals to starters. My Work: Twitter page Cheers.
  • Alex Byrne
    Hey Alex, Im a design student from Australia going in to my last year of my course. I would love to be on dribbble to get awesome feedback from great designers to help me ace my design course. Ive been following dribbble for about a year now and have always wanted to be in that class of designers! Thanks for the opportunity
  • roihim
    Hi please give me a chance :)
  • Michael Berndt
    Thanks for putting on this contest, it will give us all a chance to get our work shown to the other commenters and you, if nothing else! I love the idea behind Dribbble: designers sharing their passions, positively critiquing each others’ work and getting inspiration from it all. I would love to be a part of this great community, and an invite would be a great gift for the holidays! Cheers… #1: #2: Twitter: @mberndtdesign Dribbble:
  • Michelle Merriweather
    Hi, I am a senior at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan, in the Graphic Design Department. I would like to be invited onto Dribbble because I have found my calling in User Experience/Interaction Design, and I need feedback from the outside world. Gaining feedback from college proffesors is great, but I feel like the proffesional community on Dribbble can give me the feedback and critique that I need in order to gain a successful foundation in UI design. Not only that, I have been using Dribbble as a means of inspiration, and I hope to inspire others with my work. I have my links listed below. Dribbble shot: Twitter: @michellemphotos Dribbble: Facebook: Michelle Merriweather
  • dave.trudes
    Hi, here is one of the festival flyers i designed back in 2005. On dribbble: Greetz dave
  • dave.trudes
    Hi, here is one of the festival flyers i designed back in 2005. On dribbble: Greetz dave
  • @web_design_nl
    I would like a Dribbble invite! I am a graphic- and webdesigner, developper and programmer from the Netherlands. See my work at Shot at 400x300:
  • Riccardo Anelli
    Hi Alex, Dribbble is a great inspiration for my projects, so I would like to be helpful to many other designers! :) This is my shot: This is my portfolio: Thanks for the opportunity. Riccardo
  • Arstan
    Hello Alex, I am a dribbble fan for a long time. I want to be the part of community because i want to be in touch with people like me. And I want to communicate to pick up my level and help the others ) Here are some of my shots:
  • irshad
    Hi, I am a big fan of dribbble, Pls check my shots Thanks in advance :)
  • Ciobanu Bogdan
    Salut Alex, Sunt student la arhitectura in Iasi si lucrez ca graphic designer in timpul liber. As vrea sa imi pot pune lucrarile pe Dribble pentru a-mi face cunoscuta munca la nivel mai mare si a primi proiecte. Deci daca consideri ca merit as fi foarte recunoscator pentru asta! Multumesc anticipat!
  • ilaria
    Hi, this is my job my work is particular and I would like the opportunity to make it known Thank you
  • Graham Hoare
    Hi Alex, my shots are on here: cant wait to get going on dribble :-) regards Graham
  • Manisha
    Hi, Thanks for the opportunity. Here is my dribble id: Work samples:
  • Bryan
    Thanks for the contest, hope to see you on dribbble! Shot:
  • Roscoe Peacock IV
    like many others, I would greatly appreciate the opportunity to be drafted! Unlike the others, I plan to share quality shots that focus on Brand Identity and Typography. I have two quality shots linked here. Have a look and Draft me please!
  • Chezki
    hi! :)
  • Jeeyoung Jung
    Hi, Here is my projects. I really want to get a dribbble invitation!!
  • xu.liang
    Some works: Thanks a lot.
  • Pedro Vieira
    Hello, I’m a Portuguese designer. I would love to earn one invitation to dribble so i could share all my work with others!! My lattest work:
  • Priya
    I just wanna play too. Please and thank you :) -Priya
  • Lev
    I am 14 years of experience designer and want to be a part of Dribbble!
  • arinas
    Well because we like new challenges and we wana see if we’ve got what it takes |B our shot: our portfolio: our dribbble account:
  • Citra
    My dribbble is citrapw Portfolio
  • Miguel
    Thanks. @micafe
  • Ryan Janvier
    I hope to have the opportunity to contribute to the amazing community, and continue to increase my skills as a designer. My dribbble sample:
  • Dima
    Hello, I would love to be a part of dribbble community. My Shot:
  • Joker
    I hope to have the opportunity to contribute to the amazing community.
  • Petr
    Finally got some Dribbble invites and would love to invite new talents to this great community. All you need to do is follow me on Dribbble (, like this shot and e-mail me link to your best shot (400x300px) at DribbbleInvite(at) and the best ones will get an invite soon!
  • Miguel Angel
    Hi! I´ll keep it simple, i want to be a part of dribbble because i just love what i do. and i´m a little bit scared to sher my work. So i´ll do it if a have a chance.
  • Julian
    Alex Roman! Hey man, thanks for hosting. I’m rebuilding my UX / UI Design portfolio, but you can check out a UI Design project I’m working on. It’s a fun and quirky cloud storage and organization app, with a literal interpretation—planets, clouds, space, etc. The shot: Real pixels: Also, for a more in-depth look at some of my (graphic design) work, check out Thanks for looking!
  • Konstantin
    I want to be a part of Dribbble because of the high standards and great creatively that is produced from great designers in the world. I would also love to get some great feedback for designs and ideas.
  • Cory
    Lots of good designers on here - hope my shots stand out enough to earn that invite:
  • Rafael Mineto
    Portfolio: Shot: Dribbble: Hey, i’m Rafael (from Brazil). Dribbble has been a great source of inspiration ever since i first discovered it! And I decided that I wanted to be a part of the community and i’m doing my best to be able to accomplish this goal this year. :) I feel like i still have a lot to improve and i hope i’ll be able to do that there. Thanks! :)
  • Muhammad Omais
    I am a professional Web Developer/Graphic Designer and a passionate Photographer. I have been designing websites for last 9 years. I am the founder of Online Design Studio ( we are committed to develop free tools for the creative professionals. The first tool we launched is ODSPRO - Online Design Studio for Professionals ( its a free online portfolio design tool which anyone can use to design their online portfolio. Following is the demo video of ODSPRO design tool: I am committed to develop this and more tools like this for creative community for free, all we need is your support and some help in getting the recognition. In return we will develop the tool you need. My website: My online Portfolio: My ODSPRO Portfolio:
  • Hoomey
    I really want one of those dribbble invites. My shot: My dribbble: My portfolio: Thanks
  • Vishal Pandya
    Hi i am Vishal Pandya I need Dribbble Invite for Upload my work, i want to get inspired by all great designers Portfolio : Dribbble : Shot :
  • Eugene
    Have one Dribbble Invite to Giveaway
  • Nathan Allotey
    My name is Nathan and I am a web designer based in Houston, TX. I serve as the creative director for inPhocus Media a branding and web design studio also based in Houston. I have been trying to get on dribbble to showcase my work and I would really appreciate the invitation. I want to continue to learn and grow as a design and it would greatly benefit me to get feedback from the design community there.
  • Gabriel Rossi
    We are a design studio, and we would like to present this to the Dribbble contrubuir with our portfolio of projects. accont dribbble:
  • sembler
    Hello. I love dribbble and want to start play the game. My one shot - THX.
  • Todd Santoro
    I would wrestle a giraffe for a Dribbble invite. Here is my shot
  • Todd Santoro
    I would swim with sharks to Dribbble. here is my shot:
  • Todd Santoro
    I would go to a a bar and drink beer for a Dribbble. Here is my shot:
  • Maisam
    I am a young web designer and want to give new ideas and colors to this world and willing to do so as well.. you can see my portfolio on ""
  • sadia shamma
    here is my shot:
  • Ephraim Dulay
    I would really just love to be a part of the dribbble community. The works the people share there are inspiring!!!
  • Pavel
    Hi I noticed that you have to invite dribbble. Link to my portfolio: I will be happy to answer Thank you!
  • Sean
    Howdy! Pick me, pick me! Here's a shot of a recent webapp homepage redesign I did: Dribbble name: @SeanBarryUK
  • Camino
    Hello! I want to be part of dribbble becasuse i want to share my work, ask people feedback about my work for do it better and also help others :) It is my porfolio Thanks
  • Muslim Mahin
    I want to be a part of Dribbble Account. Please invite me & give away to dribble.
  • matoi
    I wanna get feed back and advises from designers. I work in a startup company where i am the only designer.