Artists just keep drawing them and we just can't keep our eyes off of them. Disney princesses are undeniably beautiful, there is truly no end to all the different ways how our beloved Disney princesses can be redesigned. They never get old, and it’s always interesting to see them in different scenarios. Sometimes they’re cast into real life, and sometimes they are drawn in their fantasy land, but they always look stunning. In the past, we featured a digital artist who has envisioned how the women/girls of Disney might look like reimagined in real life and the end result is quite stunning, but for today we got a series of illustrations called ‘Disney Princesses Pin-Ups’ that features our favorite Disney Princesses, and I think you'll like it more than you probably should. Obviously, they're extremely well done.

I don't think there is an end to our fascination with Disney princess makeovers? From the creator of "Game of Thrones" pin-up series, russian illustrator Andrew Tarusov drew these super edgy versions of some of the Disney Princesses as Elvgren Pinup girls, complete with the same provocative pose. These are not just some naked disney princesses posters, they are pin-ups. To fill you in, pin-up artist Gil Elvgren was active in mid twentieth century was famous for drawing flirty American girls, his designs are so iconic you'd recognise them the second you saw them. The charming princesses are like you've never seen them before.

I love each one of these as much as the next guy, but the Ariel poster is my number one favorite. Seriously, should Disney princesses be this interesting?

We already knew Tinkerbell was super hot.

It seems like Elsa and Anna have shed their princesses clothes and slipped into something ‘more comfortable’.

Super long hair does come in handy for seductive poses, Rapunzel is spot on.

They're hot and they're giving us a lot of confusing feelings. Guys and girls what do you think of these seductive illustrations?


  • Mis Walden
    I want to see more of this