In this post we will featured some pretty awesome Disney princesses art, done in a comic book style. Jeffrey Scott Campbell is an american comic book artist and the author of this version for adults, in a pin-up style, of the famous Disney princesses. These are your favorite Disney Princesses like you've never seen them before. You could say that the Campbell provide the opportunity for adults to enjoy the story of Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Alice in Wonderland, Tinkerbell, Rapunzel, Snow White and so on. On his DeviantArt page you can find a variety of Disney princess pin-up art for a 2012 calendar full of the scantily clad animated ladies called "Fairytale Fantasies". It’s one of the better art projects we’ve ever featured on the site, and I think you’ll like it more than you probably should. Could you imagine what these animated movies would have looked like with these character designs?





  • Garry
    Porn. Nicely drawn porn
  • Kaeyne
    Jasmine is hot but the “princess” everyone seems to forget is esmerelda from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. I know she’s not technically a princess but hot damn she’s sexy…for a cartoon.
  • Fererra D.
    Lol, someone has some extra time on their hands. Just ruined several very good childhood memories.
  • natasha
    The hottest is tinkerbell with Alice coming in second.
  • Allysha
    Don’t forget Megara from Hercules. In my opinion, the most sexy/seductive female lead from Disney cartoon movies.
  • Diamond_Destiny
    Wow..Belle is the best..and The Little Mermaid looks better as the cartoon. She is way hotter as a cartoon.
  • Jessica
    I was under the impression that, a while ago, it was illegal or at least Disney!illegal to do explicit sex works involving Disney characters. So, well, that’s why it was so difficult to find sexy pics. Some websites got erased due to that, or so I’ve heard.
    • Riley
      True and I think the 4th pic the 2nd pic then the 3rd
  • Katie
    These are so so great! Very talented work. It’s interesting to see the disney princesses in this light
  • jennifer
    That’s just wrong… On the one hand – nice drawings – from an artist’s point of view. But these characters represent something – beautiful childhood memories and innocent children’s stories. Why do you have to spoil it… Do you have to make ALL women into sex objects and portray them as slutty!?
  • Slim Marley
    I guess no one ever saw Anastasia
  • Sebastian
    Belle is a beast! It’s my most favorite with The Little Mermaid isn’t that little after all.
  • Andrew
    Alice was supposed to be a little girl. I found that one weird. But Ariel was awesome…
  • DAttitude
    OMG these are so awsome!!!! i love the tinker bell one...that one is just hot!!! lol i love them all. great job and keep up the good work.
  • John
    Wow, I think these are amazing :) Good job!
  • Tom Ross
    This artworks are master pieces, mother of god, now I like dysney even more ! :D Really like the adult way you did to this artworks, amazing work, really well done, gonna check all yours works on your page! :D
  • Jake
    Sooooo .... how many of these ladies (if they were real) would technically be jailbait, lol :P
  • Rebecca
    I love these!!! they are brilliant! and whilst they make me feel strangely weird for loving them... does this make me a pedophile of some sort?? of whatever! they are fabulous! and so creative! would love to see a man version... prince Eric from the mermaid with his muscles popping out as he fixes the sails from his boat... sounds good to me!
  • Sasha
    I really like the Cinderella. I think u did a terrific job with that one.
  • miss abbie
    im speechless ...dats sooo amazing! wow!
  • Julian
    Jasmin is very SEXYYY HMM
  • Jay
    Individually, the pieces are awesome, beautifully rendered, the characters and settings instantly recognizable, but... the same body shape seen again and again is a little boring.
  • Megan
    the sleeping beauty one!!! or the first little mermaid one lol
  • tj
    Lit red has an unbelievable ass
  • Loretta
    This was the most amazing art i have seen in years please follow me up on ur new work at my email adress i have a great idea for this n it can be realistice to the both of us
  • Jacob Mulan. I am disappointed.
  • lcg
  • Jordyn
    How can I purchase this calendar? Lol I definitely want one!
  • Angela Ordonez
    Love this!!!!
  • Nate
    These are absolutely amazing. I have never loved snow white more
  • Kirsten
    As an artist, these are amazing. So vibrant and magical. As a mother of a young daughter, why put out images that have our young women feeling like they can never measure up to what other people think of as beautiful? I try my best to let my daughter know that she is beautiful and intelligent, but when faced with images like these, she feels inadequate and inferior. Why not make these princesses more like strong, beautiful women like we are trying to raise out daughters to be?
  • Julya
    I want one of esmeralda pleaaaase!!!
  • jasmine marione
    i like it...... Sooooohhh much... very nice...:)
  • Prudence
    Belle and her beast! my gosh!!! - amazing work!
  • Lee
    I love this! as a girl I find it very sexy. are you planning on making more?
  • Zoe
    these are beautiful, but there needs to be more variety in features. These all look like the same white girl with different hairstyles. Try some different face shapes/body shapes/noses/eyes/ethnicities etc.
  • arnalso
    Ficolimdas todas as fotos falto batiguel.mulhegato emulhemaravilha masesta famtastico
  • HANA
    They are awesome but you should make a Pocahontas.
  • Jean
    Well, the one with the fainted Snow White... A girl on the floor with seven guys around her..
  • guadalupe
  • Christopher sherman
    Awesome pics just amazing
  • jaylen
    Hottest arieal ever
  • Waia
    What a perfect way to ruin a childhoods memory
  • Dominick Palmisano
    Is #6 Elsa?
  • Rishabh Sharma
    I think 6 is the white queen from Narnia
  • Katie
    Wow...the artistic ideal designs were amazing! Try to include some of the New disney princesses. But the way disney makes them is fine too.
  • jay
    Nice art
  • shary
    mn :/ some are hot but some just look really forced and akward
  • shayshine
    Oh please comon everyone knows even disney knew that made their characters were sexy!!!
  • Adnan Zaman
    Awesome! Mind Blowin. I really want to give you a High Five!
  • That guy
    Wow! I see why Tin man and Co wanted to walk Dorothy! I would definatly do that! Maybe stop of for a break on the way! Haha Na jokes, great drawings, im guessing... Spare time? Hahaha Good job, very much on the crude, semi-naked/ porn side of things! Luckily i dont still watch those or it would have ruined it for me! Haha
  • Ryleigh
    Cool! I have to say that the last little mermaid and second tinker bell is my fave
  • Ramdhan Ahaz
    I can no longer comment on your blog because your work is amazing and makes me amazed with your results, keep your work I always support
  • Seane
    Wow! These are all absolutely stunning. I find the last one the beet by far! Just unbeatable.
  • Matt
    These are amazing.
  • Maddi Tremaine
    Wow. That was amazing!! I really liked the ones with Tinker Bell and Sleeping Beauty. They were just stunning.
  • Stephanie Garner
    These are wonderful!!! The Rapunzel is absolutely my favorite!!! But I also love the Ariel with Eric is great too :)) great job!!
  • Chris
    Such lovely sexy art, im impressed, i like sleeping beauty the best by the way. FYI you "this is porn" people need to actually look up the definition. There is not one nipple nor other parts showing. Might as well call sports illustrated swimsuit edition porn.
  • Kashan Ahmer
    They are awesome but you should make a Pocahontas
  • spencer
    beauty and the beast ones where just beauty in a hooker/stripper outfit, hot but not. everything else was incredible.
  • Michael
    Absolutely Beautiful! Make Me want to create some photographs like your artistic works.
  • yoleigh
    Wow I think you are a good artist and I love #1
  • P!ATD
    I thought the artwork was amazing I wish I could do that. But my one thing is that most of them have the same faces
  • j giantess
    Disney, remake all your movies!!! Can you make Anna from the new movie Frozen? This redhead is already sexy but want to see your version of her. Realy good (read sexy) work
  • angel
  • zoe
    I love these! I'm a female and I'm not into porn at all so I really don't no why ppl are commenting saying its porn! I use these as my screensavers I think they are brilliant! Please make some more soon!!
    • Vlad Georgescu WEB DESIGNER
      Everybody is entitled to their own opinion Zoe. We will try to add entertaining, art-related content as often we can.
  • Justifier
  • Ariel
    Lovely art work!
  • Özge
    Excellent ! I wish there was frozen.
  • Meike
    Very nice drawings. Behind every picture is a story. I missed Mulan and Pocahontas
  • Bob
    Wendy's brothers must love bedtime.
  • Voldemort4life
    I love the pics! You should totally do some frozen!
  • Brittney
    someone needs to make these into stickers! i would so buy that!