Nowadays, websites are finding as many ways as possible to integrate social media. Facebook and Twitter have become major sources of marketing potential in recent years, and web designers are all too aware of this.

Still, most businesses stick with the basics. They might put a link to Facebook at the bottom of their homepage, for example. That’s alright -- it’s not going to set the world alight, but you’ve accomplished what you set out to do. We want to focus on getting a bit more creative, though. Have a think about whether you’ve included the following social media integration techniques on your site.

integrate social media into your website

Allow Your Visitors To Share EVERYTHING!

Yeah, it’s great that you’ve got a Twitter link on the page somewhere. But, what happens when someone notices something on your site that they really want to share? Are they going to go to the hassle of heading to Facebook, logging in, finding your link and then sharing it? Maybe, if they’re particularly dedicated. However, you want to make it as easy for them as possible. Include share buttons in every piece of content you create, and you should start getting more social media shares as a result.

Start Implementing Hashtags Across The Website

Hashtags are easy ways of bringing a community together and making your brand more visible. Are you running a web-based competition? Create a hashtag for it. Then, your visitors can go on Twitter and boast about how they’ve just entered the #creativecomp. The more uses of this hashtag you can generate, the more publicity you’re going to get.

Social Sign-In

This one requires a little more in-depth knowledge of web design to integrate successfully. There are a lot of ways to do it, too. When you’re comparing web developers, make sure your chosen team knows all about social sign-in. This means that your customers can log into your website using their Facebook or Twitter profiles, for example. It means less time registering on your site and more integration with social media across the board.

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Include Excerpts Of Your Social Media Profile

It’s all well and good having links on the page, but every company has a Facebook account nowadays. Why not tailor it a little more by including small excerpts of what you’ve been posting in recent times? This technique isn’t going to do wonders, but it’s still an important way of making your social media presence more attractive.

Social Comment Systems

Every company needs comments on its website. Products can be reviewed, which (hopefully!) makes your business look great. Blogs will be discussed, which helps to generate an even greater following over time. By using social integration for this method, you’re making it as easy as possible for your customers to get involved. If you’re forcing them to jump through hoops to simply make a comment, they’re going to go elsewhere. If you make it easy, you might just get a lot of interaction.

It’s 2016, so get with the times and start using social media to your advantage!


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