In this post we have rounded up some of the best creative advertising that has made people look at it twice. To really stand out among others, the idea should be unique and out of box. If you are investing in a print ad and if you would probably spend more time investing in print ad design concept if you want to grab the attention of the reader’s eye.

For print ads, the agencies have to be more creative then any other way because they have say lot of things by saying less. For this they have to be creative and dynamic which can grab public attention which is not easy.

From the variety of ad agencies I picked print ads from 130 of them to showcase in this article and inspire you in case you work in the industry or to simply show you what art directors and copywriters from these agencies are capable of. Go ahead and check them out!

Nutri Balance: Husband

Nutri Balance: Husband

Decathlon: Operation trecking

Decathlon: Operation trecking

Cerveira Art Biennial: Michelangelo

Cerveira Art Biennial: Michelangelo

Google: Keys

Google: Keys

Mama Itos Wasabi Boules: Eye

Extreme hot ’n' spicy

Perrier: Melt, Club

Perrier: Melt, Club

WWF: Ambulance

You can't afford to be slow in an emergency

Don’t let wood get old

Xyladecor: Figurehead

Ministry of Health: Sedentary

Sedentary people can't run away from diseases

Fairy: Some things are hard to separate

Fairy: Some things are hard to separate Print Advertisement

Yamaha: Some Make A Jungle Out Of The Road

Yamaha: Some Make A Jungle Out Of The Road Print Advertisement

More Love

More Love Print Advertisement


WWF Print Advertisement


Playstation Print Advertisement

Pain without borders: Africa

Pain without borders: Africa Print Advertisement

The steak

The steak Print Advertisement

See further

See further Print Advertisement


Charal Print Advertisement

Nutri Balance

Nutri Balance Print Advertisement Print Advertisement

Banco Financiero

Banco Financiero Print Advertisement


Seiko Print Advertisement

Sama Beirut

Sama Beirut Print Advertisement

O Estado de Sao Paulo: Global Warming

O Estado de Sao Paulo: Global Warming Print Advertisement


FEMA Print Advertisement

Avia Motor Oil: Makes Your Horses Purr

Avia Motor Oil: Makes Your Horses Purr Print Advertisement

National Road Safety Council

National Road Safety Council Print Advertisement


Voltaren Print Advertisement

Viking LMow

Viking LMow Print Advertisement

Omax: Wide Angle Lenses

Omax: Wide Angle Lenses Print Advertisement

Uno Stacko

Uno Stacko Print Advertisement

Kitchen Aid Blender

Kitchen Aid Blender Print Advertisement

Precision Laser Tattoo Removal

Precision Laser Tattoo Removal Print Advertisement

Onida Mobiles

Onida Mobiles Print Advertisement

Mint Vinetu Bookstore: Become Someone Else

Mint Vinetu Bookstore: Become Someone Else Print Advertisement

Lexum European Eye Clinic

Lexum European Eye Clinic Print Advertisement

Ford Explorer: With Rear View Camera

Ford Explorer: With Rear View Camera Print Advertisement

Corona Beer: Drink Responsibly

Corona Beer: Drink Responsibly Print Advertisement

Gold’s Gym

Gold's Gym Print Advertisement

Pringle of Scotland

Pringle of Scotland Print Advertisement

McDonald’s: Come As You Are

McDonald's: Come As You Are Print Advertisement

Luftal: Not Everyone Can

Luftal: Not Everyone Can Print Advertisement

Gregg’s Jelly: Eat The Impossible

Gregg's Jelly: Eat The Impossible Print Advertisement

Toronto Crime Stoppers

Toronto Crime Stoppers Print Advertisement

Glad Cling Wrap

Glad Cling Wrap Print Advertisement

Art Directors Club

Art Directors Club Print Advertisement

Pizza And Love: We Make Pizza Not War

Pizza And Love: We Make Pizza Not War Print Advertisement

Saridon: For Persistent Headaches

Saridon: For Persistent Headaches Print Advertisement


Blundstone Print Advertisement

Gain Detergent with Febreze: Gym

Gain Detergent with Febreze Odor Removal

Samantha Cracked Heel Lotion: Sexy Heels

Sexy Heels by Samantha

Restaurant Mirador del Alto: Dalí

Art & Gastronomy

Restaurant Mirador del Alto: Piano

Music & Gastronomy

Sensodyne: Feathers

Sensodyne: Feathers

Amer Restaurants: Ramadan Kareem

Amer Restaurants: Ramadan Kareem

Baygon: Jason

Baygon: Jason

Urban Rush Movers: Coffee table

Urban Rush Movers: Coffee table

Wrong Sound, Wrong Image

Wrong Sound, wrong image

Sedex Express Courier Service: Egg

Sedex Express Courier Service: Egg

La Estacion radio station: The killer ballads are back

La Estacion radio station

Deutsche Post: Chest box

Nothing gets to you like a letter

AMRI Hospitals – Symptoms of Parkinson’s

Before the symptoms of Parkinson's get out of hand

Stranger radio station

Stranger radio station

Colgate Plax – Don’t mask it. Eliminate it

Colgate Plax: Fish

Make peace with the world

Rasayana Tea: Hawaii

DIRECTV Plus – Watch it when you want to

DIRECTV Plus: Batman

International Society for Human Rights: Mouse

International Society for Human Rights: Mouse

Ikea: Van

Free home delivery now!

FedEx: Trombone

FedEx: Trombone

Children Of Chernobyl: Apple

Children Of Chernobyl: Apple

Talcid – Don’t be afraid to eat

Talcid: Chair

Amnesty International: Brown’s voice

Amnesty International: Brown's voice

Midol: Whisk

Midol: Whisk

Pirelli: Panda

There's nothing eco-friendlier on the road

Trim: Man

Trim Man

Stihl: Blower

Stihl: Blower

Samsung CCTV: Wide angle

Samsung CCTV: Wide angle

Cancer Patients Aid Association: Bistro

Cancer Patients Aid Association: Bistro

Editora Insular: Don’t be without a topic. Read books

Editora Insular: Girl

Samsung NV100: Soldier

Samsung NV100: Soldier

Miracel Whip: Miracle seesawMiracel Whip: Miracle seesaw

fat david

bosch ixo

hard working cat

operation running

stretched gum 3

cymbals alarm

viewing koala


bad breath 3

Why not

sound for real

free your sport

Wide lense

do not miss it

ultra motion capture

face detect

steady Shot

be careful

stable shot

three of a kind vs pair of kings

for active sleepers

ig delas: einstein

kiss my glass

powerful enough

arm leg

spare leg

wannabe owl

better gear

operation trecking

wide lense

you will not want to leave it

ready for the weekend with you

damage from tsunami

malta lowenbrau

cinema gun

gold fish

the skull

play baseball

carrying sofa

famous faces in the naked issue

play seesaw

sleeping gorillas

more trees

ask for direction

big fast

toilet roll

free your sport

costume tiger

What do you think about these print ads? Did we miss anything? Feel free to add your comments and suggestions below.


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