I must admit, ever since I found Kristina Webb's Facebook page, I’ve been hooked! She posts all these incredibly colorful vibrant drawings, and you have to see for yourself what she’s capable of doing with some colored pencils.

inspiriting creative color pencil drawings

Kristina Webb is a 19-years old New Zealand artist that doesn’t limit herself to just paper, she creates creative color pencil drawings that take us straight into the fairy-tale world, and combines her illustrations with unexpected objects like salads, spaghetti, flowers or butterflies, giving it a nice 3D look. Most of her vibrant color pencil art is hyper realistic and seems to jump off the paper.

creative color pencil drawing

creative drawing

artist uses real objects to complement her drawings

color pencil artwork

illustrations real objects

drawing using objects

artist uses real life objects to complete her illustrations

color pencil drawings

drawings real life object

creative drawings

colorful drawings

creative girl

pencil objects objects


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