Morgan Davidson is a 23 years old artist who has a stunning drawing technique. Using watercolor and colored pencils, the artist adds shading and textures on her drawings, she creates nature and fashion-inspired works of art that feature an incredible use of color and detail.

As she is working, she adjusts her illustrations as she goes along. The meticulous process is what allows Davidson's art to not only be both radiant and dreamy, but to also be realistic in its execution, the artist is a perfectionist. It doesn’t matter if she is using a colored pencil or a ballpoint pen, each drawing boasts intricate amazing colors that pop, shadings, brilliant accents and details that makes for quite an eye-catching experience.

Every drawing is full of vibrant and saturated colors that jump off the page. Nature and fashion are things she loves, her subjects are various, from whimsical self portraits, to parts of the human body drawn as studies, to animals and other original ideas. Whether she is drawing, the gifted artist is able to create rich designs that are full of opulent and intricate details, she shares them with an encouraging fan base on Instagram and Facebook.

All her work is fantastic and it’s really breathtaking what Davidson can do with pencils. This unique and beautiful collection is packed full of brilliant color, amazing details and vivid artistic abilities. Honest to say, all of them looks computer generated, but nope, it’s just pencils and sometimes watercolor, handmade on paper.

"Nature had a very strong influence in my upbringing. I grew up very close to nature and have always had a ton of pets; my work definitely reflects a lot of those influences."

"My interest in fashion came later on. I’ve never been involved in the high-fashion brand-name culture, but I started to really admire the dynamic out of the box style fashion illustrations had."


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