Graphic and web design is constantly evolving. A lot of design techniques and standards have changed over the past couple of years. Who knows what tomorrow might bring? All we can do is anticipate the future and that is exactly what Webydo and its’ code free, parallax scrolling animator are doing.

Why Parallax Scrolling?

The average visitor on your website doesn't have a large attention span. You often have less than ten seconds to stimulate their curiosity. That can only be achieved with an interesting storyline and powerful visual elements. Designers now have the ability to create visually engaging website, with Webydo’s responsive website editor and a parallax scrolling animator. The best part…it is entirely code free!

Coding, an Issue of the Past

For a long time, coding has played an integral role in the production of websites. It was simply impossible for websites to be published by graphic and web designers without dealing with the backstage technical work that actually made them go live. Creative professionals had to take it upon themselves to write the code for their designs, or more often than not, join forces with developers to realize their vision for a website. Coding is a very repetitive, time-consuming process, and the involvement of developers always means that the vast majority of project budgets find their way to the developer, not the designer.

The first wave of website builders were B2C, Do It Yourself tools for regular people who wished to set up their own websites. The second wave of code-free solutions were advanced and focused on B2B. They answered the more sophisticated needs of creative professionals. Today, the leaders of the designer-oriented market are Webydo and Adobe Muse, but the latter can only be used as part of the Adobe Cloud.


Raising the Bar: Webydo

Webydo is truly a ground-breaking solution. Working with their platform to design websites is like working with a SaaS version of Photoshop or InDesign. Their intuitive and responsive website editor definitely deserves a round of applause. When you’re ready to publish your site, the design is going to be automatically rendered into HTML5 and W3C-validated code and it will work flawlessly across all browsers and devices.

As I quickly discovered, there are many perks to being a Webydo user. First of all, you can use the dashboard to send invoices to your clients. Their superb Content Management System allows clients to easily modify or add additional content after your work is done. The Webydo designer community frequently debates and votes on new product features and functionalities, with the most popular being developed and integrated into the platform. A revolutionary parallax scrolling animator is the latest installment of this profoundly democratic system. This feature is truly a game changer.

How to Design Freely

It no longer takes much effort to gain creative and financial freedom as a designer. I have no problem declaring that Webydo seems to have come up with the best solution to creating and implementing OUR designs in the way WE envision them to be.



  • Scott Lewis
    I think this platform is very promising.
  • Richard Knight
    great share, thank you Alex for getting to our attention such awesome tools!