Blogging is a great online marketing tactic that can increase your online presence, build credibility and keep your company looking active. Whilst you are free to write whatever you want, it does pay to know a few tips before you start churning out those blog posts. Here are few success guidelines to help you write a successful blog that attracts readers and earns you more clientele.

Don’t be too promotional

Whilst it’s alright to promote your business occasionally, the posts that are going to attract readers won’t be the ones that read like adverts. Most people read blogs to be informed or entertained. Use your blog to give advice and motivation to fellow businessmen in your field or to help your clients with issues related to your area of business. You can also post news within your field of trade and write reviews of other products and services that don’t clash with your own. Use your blogging to show off your knowledge and expertise – this will give readers a greater sense of professionalism and trust, which could lead them to take up your services.

Keep it relevant

Your blog content has to be themed around your business model in order not to confuse readers. However, there are other ways of being relevant too. Linking your posts to current events and seasonal occasions for example can be a great way of increasing readership. People are more likely to read Christmas-related blog posts in the lead up to Christmas, so give your blog post a festive spin. Tie into sports events like the Olympics. Try not to be too polarising or political though as this could divide opinion.

Integrate with social media

You can get more people to read your posts by sharing them on Facebook and Twitter. Using automation tools will ensure your posts automatically get shared on social media channels. All your followers will then be able to read what you have written. If your business isn’t on Facebook on Twitter, it may be worth reading this social media marketing blog to get you started.

Use analytics

Analytics tools can help notify you as to who is reading your blogs, so that you can cater your posts more towards these people. Through analytics you may be able to find out the average age of your demographic, their gender, the country they’re from and how they arrived at your blog post. Analytics can also tell you which posts are most popular. From here, you can try to shape the rest of your content around this to build more readers. Get enough readers and you may even be able to put ads on your blog and earn some extra money through these.

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Encourage guest bloggers

If blogging is too time-consuming, you may be able to find guest bloggers to provide your site with extra content. Other businesses may wish to write a promotional feature blog on your site and offer money to do so. Alternatively, you could write a guest post on someone else’s site to help further market your business.


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