Writing with pen and ink appears to have lost much of its appeal in recent years. People seldom receive handwritten letters anymore. Even typed letters have become a rarity, as has the typewriter, as more and more letter writers turn to Word or some other word processing platform.

Even wedding invitations and Thank You notes most often make use of calligraphy or special typefaces to convey their messages. The graceful writing flow made possible by the fountain pen, and done in the unique style of the writer is a rare thing today.

Fortunately, handwriting, with its tremendous expressive power, is still with us in the form of handwriting fonts, of which many styles are available. While the unique style of the writer has given way to font selection, the careful choice of the right font can produce a beautifully written letter that is filled with expression.

Handwriting, even the semi-automated variety, still has its place when you want to communicate with your loved ones, and the examples in this post is an attempt to show you why this is the case.

Handwritten fonts are more than a single style of typography. There are many different executions, plus handwritten fonts are not burdened with some of the constraints imposed on cursive fonts. Freeform styles tend to be the rule – and not the exceptions. So, if you are looking for a particular handwriting font for your project, you need look no further.

We’ve singled out a number of the best free fonts in out collection of handwritten style that are yours to download and enjoy.

Milasian Bold

This handwritten style is a rich, flowing, casual script style, with just a hint of feminine vibe. Milasian’s wide range of ligatures and glyphs give it a practical, hand lettered look. Three versions are available – thin, medium, and bold.



The cool handwriting style featured in this original handwritten typeface font makes you think of a traditional, classy storefront. This high-quality font is loaded with stylistic and contextual alternatives. It gives you plenty of options to work with to achieve a genuine handwritten look.


Claire Hand Bold

Clair Hand is the creation of Team Scope, an Australian-based design agency that brings with it a commitment to creative spontaneity. Rather than being the result of hours of trial and error, this bold, friendly, and fun handwritten style could just as easily have been written down on a table napkin. To give this font style an extra kick, each letter has been created in two different weights.


Yore Script

Yore Script, created by Vietnamese artist Poemhaiku, is a little hard to describe. It’s an interesting take on a more traditional script offering. This can be an interesting font to experiment with, and one that you might find is a nice fit for a branding project.


Haiku’s Script

Haiku’s Script, also a creation of Poemhaiku, was actually the artist’s first attempt to create a handwriting font. It was a summer-long, July to September project, and the artist would love to hear any thoughts or comments about the results. Like the others in this post, it is free for personal use.



Journal is the creation of Hans Gerhard Meier, aka Fontourist. It captures the essence of the style of writing you might expect in a carefully compiled journal. Of the three fonts Meier has designed, this one has been downloaded most – by far.


MAWNS Handwriting

Created by Måns Grebäck this handwriting font is free for your personal use, although donations to its creator are always welcome. Grebäck’s background in font, logotype, and typography design are reflected in this highly original font.



There should be at least one “cutesy” font included in any set of free font offerings, and Linny certainly fills the bill. Linny is the pen name of the artist Maya, and the handwriting type is an exact replica of the way she actually writes. Linny comes in both upper and lower case, plus numbers and punctuation.


Soft Sugar (plain)

If a comic book style font is what you want, Soft Sugar could be a great one to play around with. It can only be downloaded for free in the regular format, but we’re convinced you’ll be able to use it for some very special purposes.


Architect’s Daughter

Kimberly Geswin is the creator of this neat, blocky handwriting font. Architect’s Daughter was inspired by architectural grids. It is one of more than 200 fonts authored by Geswin, who offers it, along with several others, free for your personal use.


Worstveld Sling Extra

It takes but a glance to understand why Worstveld Sling Extra has been the subject of more than 400,000 downloads. This is one of 82 typefaces developed by Gem Fonts. Both upper and lowercase letters, along with numbers and a selection of special characters are included.



Housegrind is another creation of graphics designer Måns Grebäck, who specialties are logotypes and typography.



If you are on the lookout for an attractive handwritten font that features quite a wealth of special characters, we suggest you take a close look at Yerbaluisa.


Hesster Moffett TRIAL


Desert Queen Personal Use



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