The arrival of technologies like smartphones and digital publishing now gives us the chance to use fonts easily, but we mustn't forget why they're important. Here are ten reasons you should take typography seriously:

1. Design is about more than making things look pretty.

Web design is all about the content, not the aesthetics. The website's design should be simple and easy to use so that users can focus on the content. The site's layout and fonts should be chosen to make the content easy to read and to create a visually appealing website. If the cursive fonts you choose make it difficult to read or are hard on the eyes, your intended message will get lost.

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2. Different Fonts help to create a brand identity.

A company's branding extends beyond its color scheme and logo. The right fonts can build an emotional connection with your customers; the wrong ones can be disastrous for business. A difference in a font may seem like a small difference, but it can have a large impact on how your audience perceives your company. If you use the wrong font, your customers may not take you seriously. The right font can help to create a brand identity that your customers will remember and associate with your company.

3. Aesthetic Fonts can help improve the corporate image.

By choosing a font that is appropriate for their sector, businesses can create a professional and consistent corporate image. If you purchase your products from a company with an attractive website, who's to say they produce lower-quality goods? Choosing fonts that complement each other also helps keep things looking nicely organized

4. You should always use the right free fonts for the right job.

Arial, Comic Sans, and other default fonts may seem like a good idea to spruce up documents, but using them is rarely appropriate. As well as being dull and unoriginal, these fonts lack personality and style which would be better suited to projects that require a fun or friendly tone. Fonts can help to pull a design together and they say a lot about the business behind it, which is why using them carefully is so important.

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5. Typography is design.

Typography is a huge part of your work - especially when you're spending lots of time designing your website or creating an e-book or interactive PDF. It's more than just picking fonts with pretty faces. Choosing the right fonts is an important decision that shouldn't be taken lightly. Understanding how fonts work together is an essential part of the design.

6. Cool Fonts are the new black.

Thanks to technology, it's never been easier to find and use great-looking fonts for your designs. Many designers have moved away from using harsh, default typefaces in their designs and instead opt for beautiful alternatives that can be easily sourced online. Fonts add a finishing touch to your design and can really pump up the volume, so don't be afraid to experiment!

7. Typography is serious business.

The beauty of typography is that it can be appreciated by designers, artists, marketers, historians - just about anyone! Typefaces are everywhere you look, so it's important to equip yourself with the knowledge of how they work and what makes them special. By taking an interest in fonts and applying them more frequently, you'll start to notice more of their uses and will begin to understand why they are so important!

8. Typography is about the overall look and feel.

Choosing the right font is just one part of creating a great design, but it's an important part nonetheless. It's easy to see that different fonts have different personalities, so choosing the wrong one will result in a design that misses the mark. You've got to consider so much more than just your basic needs - like where you plan to use it, how big it will be, what mood you're trying to convey, and what's trendy at the moment.

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9. Typography is about serving others.

Designers get a lot of joy from telling stories and sharing ideas through design, but they must also consider the needs of their audience. Typography is all about thinking about how you can best present information so that it's easier for people to understand and enjoy. It's about serving others and only using typography when it will benefit your readers and make their lives better.

10. Typography is fun.

There's nothing like the satisfaction of creating something that looks great and maybe even has a bit of extra imagination behind it. Typography can be challenging, but if you keep an open mind, experiment with different fonts until you find what works for you, talk to other designers about their typographic experiences - then take a step back and admire your finished design. At the end of the day, great typography can be fun!


Whether it's appropriate or not, it's always possible to use any font in any situation. But bear in mind the message you are trying to convey and whether your typography will be effective enough in doing so.


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