There is many ways to make your design different, from header to footer it all important part in web design. Other that to be different those part also important to make sure that your web design is user friendly, give much information as it need and most importantly it spice up you current design. This post I will categorize it into four main parts: header, navigation , design and footer.



Header is the first thing user that come to your website will see. So it is rather important to make sure it will convince user to stay and see the rest of the content. It can be done by place as much as information as it could, and also using some attractive design. Here five post to help you spice up your header -

  1. Five Types Of Effective Header in Web Design
  2. Learn a professional workflow for illustrating a comic style header image
  3. 30 creative illustrative website headers
  4. How improtant the header is
  5. Nice login and signup panel using mootools 12



Navigation can determine whether user will stay longer or not in you website, so it is important to make sure that it is user friendly, easy and nice in design. 13 post to spice up you navigation -

  1. Better user orientation through navigation
  2. 30 exceptional css navigation techniques
  3. 15 excellent jquery navigation techniques and solutions
  4. 50 stylish navigation menus for design inspiration
  5. Navigation markup after content
  6. Dropdown navigation menus
  7. Add google style page navigation to your category and search pages
  8. Create Vimeo like top navigation
  9. 8 sites with excellent jquery navigation
  10. 13 excellent tutorials on creating jquery navigation menu
  11. 15 Original Menu Designs
  12. 28 killer css menus inspiration
  13. 5 steps for the perfect tabbed navigation menu



The most important of all is design. It is the overall designwhich is include how your content gonna look like, how other part your web look like such as 404 page, thumbnail, comment, form and such. It play major part in design, if you need to spice up, this part is very important. Here 25 post that gonna help you spice up your overall design -

  1. Why does clean markup matter in web design
  2. Image rotator css jquery
  3. 31 cool 404 error page designs
  4. 7 stages of redesign
  5. 20 comment design for inspiration
  6. Use of white in web design tips and trends
  7. 101 examples of text treatments on the web
  8. Button design showcase
  9. Hover effects in web design best practices and examples
  10. Web design trend showcase horizontal bands
  11. 5 must know web design polishing techniques
  12. 8 simple ways to improve typography in your designs
  13. 7 common web usability problems
  14. 10 user friendly tips for good content heavy web designs
  15. 3 codes for a far better wordpress search page
  16. Jquery display switch
  17. Fancy thumbnail hover effect with jquery
  18. Useful tips to design horizontal
  19. Author comment design
  20. Paragraph typography guide
  21. 15 must have features for modern design blogs
  22. Beautiful web site archives
  23. Showcase comment form design
  24. How to build your own single page portfolio website
  25. 7 css hacks you can’t live without



The last but not least, footer also spice up you design. Footer is not a bad place to put more information that could help user navigate better. Beautiful graphic and thumbnail could help make footer better. Here 7 post that will help you spice up your footer -

  1. 80 perfect ending of modern website design footers
  2. 30 beautiful website footer designs
  3. 6 things to include for a user friendly footer
  4. Modern sitemap and footer
  5. CSS sticky footer
  6. Fixed footer design
  7. Inspiration of Header and Footer and some other designs


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