Many students are interested in building their own websites, but with study commitments this can be a tedious process. Fortunately, there are some viable options available to you!

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Website building is perceived to be the domain of tech-savvy, Silicon Valley geeks – but this is a far cry from reality. It’s entirely possible to construct a website without any knowledge of code whatsoever. For students, personal websites are increasingly important for a multitude of uses. These include art portfolios, literary interests, artwork, and personal blogs among others. The mark of a top-tier website builder is one that is highly responsive, easy to use, and fully optimized for Google crawlers vis-à-vis SEO. Of equal importance is the scalability of the website. With today’s Internet literate generation of students, it comes as no surprise that mobile functionality is a core component of a modern-day website. Top-notch website builders offer maximum mobile functionality with mobile apps for blogging, picture uploads and edits on the go.

Features of the best Student Website Builders

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Students can embrace their creative flair by using a completely free website builder. Now you can create your own website with IM creator and enjoy a professional look and feel at the click of a button. Some of the most important features that students should consider with website builders are easy-to-understand design interface, multi-theme accessibility, unlimited hosting options, and the ability to connect your own domain. Of course, other benefits such as ad free content are especially important when trying to create a chic, sophisticated, and professional look and feel. Website templates offer students multiple options to tailor their website to specifications. Whether you’re thinking of starting a part-time business while you’re in college, showcasing your culinary skills with a restaurant-style theme, or simply writing about your favourite haute couture, you will find quality website builders up to speed.

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Of equal importance with ranking website builders is the professionalism of customer support services. Customer service encompasses a wide range of options including manuals on how to build your free student website, a knowledgebase of quick & easy questions/answers and useful tips to guide you along the way. As you advance through your website building endeavours, you may find yourself at a professional level where additional features come into play. This includes HTML 5 functionality, and more. Website builders with a customer-centric approach will always work with you to achieve your desired results. Overall though, it’s the user-friendly nature of a website builder that resonates most with users. While the behind-the-scenes functionality of the site may be irrelevant to the end user, you should always seek out the most adaptive and powerful websites for maximum utility.

Get a Free Student Website in a Jiffy

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Nowadays, the use of Polydoms with IM Creator are hugely popular. This technology is designed for simplifying the website building process. These stripes are content blocks that vary according to colour, layout and objective. They are tailored to all types of content and are capable of being adapted to a wide range of products. Thanks to this functionality, it’s entirely possible to construct a high-quality website at the click of a few buttons. It’s also possible to have a mobile-friendly website and a PC-friendly website using free website builder tools.IM Creator is free for students and artists, and everyone else can give it a go for free as well. And the best part of it all is that you can have your site up and running by the time you’ve finished your morning cappuccino and your mouthwatering butter croissants before classes!


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