If you are a blogger, and you have been invited to submit a guest post, where you are a guest author on another author's blog, it is an important step for you. If you treat it right, you will be able to get readers to your blog from the guest post. It is always a great opportunity to be able to guest post on someone else's blog. Before you start writing up a guest post, here are 5 things that you need to do when trying to contact another author to let you guest post for them.

1. Read over the blog. Make sure that you understand they type of blog that you can't to guest post for. If your writing style of more comic, you might not want to submit a guest post to a more serious blog. You don't want to waste the time of the blogger if you haven't read over the blog. Especially if you want to get readers, you will have to make sure that the style of blog fits yours. Readers are more likely to read your blog if your style is close to the blog you are writing for.

2. Provide why you would be good to guest post. Give the blogger your credentials. Give them a sample of a post that you would want to write, or give them ideas of blogs that you could write. This will give the blogger a good idea of what you can write and if they can use your posts.

3. Be honest. Be honest with the blogger with what you want to do. If your main intent is to put links in the article, let them know. It's better to be straightforward with the author so they know what you are trying to do.

4. Show you know about blogging. Show them that you have a good understanding of the blogging world. Give them links to things that you have written so they get an idea of your writing style.

5. Give them your blog statistics. Give the blogger your statistics about your blog. It will show that your blog is reputable, and it will give them a reason to let you guest post. If they don't seem to convinced, offer them a guest post swap. They will be able to guest post on your blog if you can guest post on theirs. This will help both of you.


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